Dates on Display



Commemorate milestones on birch discs painted with chalkboard circles, and display them at the reception in a frame. Simply cover a piece of foam core with a collage of patterned paper, and use the pattern below to cut banners from black paper.

Get the pattern here.

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Stamped Wedding Favors


Designed by Sue Banker


Package the wedding party’s keepsakes in a special bag filled with understated charm. A natural linen rectangle, frayed and folded in half, stitches up quickly using jute twine running stitches along the sides.


Materials (for each bag):

  • 6×18″ rectangle of natural linen
  • Light blue jute twine
  • Rubber stamp (such as a monogram or a pair of lovebirds)
  • Black ink
  • Short length of narrow ribbon
  • Small gold rings
  • 20″ length of 38“-wide jute ribbon


1. Fray edges of linen rectangle by gently pulling 10 fabric strands from each long edge (for an approximately ½” frayed edge) and approximately 6 fabric strands from each short edge (for an approximately ¼” frayed edge). Beginning approximately 112” from each short end, gently pull out approximately 25 fabric strands to expose two ¾”-wide bands of vertical strands (Diagram 1).


2. Fold linen rectangle in half, aligning top and side edges. Stitch each side edge with a piece of light blue jute twine and a running stitch. Knot twine ends at top of bag and bottom folded edge (Diagram 2).


3. Stamp desired motif onto bottom right-hand corner of bag front with black ink; let dry. Embellish stamped motif with ribbons, small gold rings, or other embellishments.

4. Weave a length of jute ribbon through vertical strands near top of bag. Tie ends into a bow on front of bag.

Easy-As-Pie Bunting



Use inexpensive foil pie tins to create the scallops on this do-it-yourself bunting. Rough up each tin with medium-grit sandpaper; then swirl on gunmetal-color acrylic paint for an aged look. Punch holes along the pie tin edges, and thread ribbon through the holes for a colorful border. Fold each tin in half over a long length of twine, and tie torn and folded fabric strips between each pie-tin scallop.

Natural Wedding Centerpiece



Let the beauty from the outdoors lend its elegance to the table decorations on the big day. Fill a small galvanized bucket with garden blooms, and use short birch branches to suspend a stitched burlap banner. Designate table numbers with 3/4″-thick birch-branch slices painted with chalkboard circles.

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Wedding Cake Toppers to Make Yourself

A DIY cake topper is the perfect way to personalize your wedding cake and share your style (and maybe even an inside joke) with your family and friends! See some of our fave cake toppers you can make yourself.

Want more info for planning a DIY wedding? Read my guide to DIY weddings here.


Made with glitter cardstock and a die-cutitng machine, this cake topper is easy and totally glamorous!

Get more info here.


Fresh thyme and floral wire = this natural and beautiful heart cake topper.

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Make a cute bunting from paper in your wedding’s colors!

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This cake will be the star of your wedding! Glitter stars in various heights make a standout topper.

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This cake topper is made like a piñata, so you can stash a special note to open later (like your first anniversary!).

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Painted wooden letters and dowels make a simple and elegant topper.

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Combine fun shapes and a special message in a cake topper that looks like a party.

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A confetti shape in your wedding colors is a fun and easy topper.

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