Gather Together Wall Art

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Designer: Samantha Taylor

Swapping out the “a” in “gather” for a festive fall leaf adds a little something special to this home décor piece.


  • Glue Dots® Removable Dots™
  • 16”x6” board
  • Paint (Samantha used Tattered Angels Décor and DIY Paint and Ranger Adirondack Paint)
  • Fine grain sandpaper
  • Paintbrush
  • Stencil

Assemble the Wall Art:

1. Cut a stencil from a thick piece of paper that says “Gather”.

2. Paint the entire board in the color that you want your letters to be. Let dry.

3. Add Removable Dots to the back side of the stencil and place into position. Paint the entire board with a second color.

4. Remove stencil (and Glue Dots) immediately when done painting. Let dry.

5. Add gold paint touches with in the leaf and a free-hand drawn “together”.

6. Use a fine grained sandpaper to distress the finished sign by removing some of the all over paint color on the front and edges of the board.


Thanksgiving Garland

102269603Designer: Jan Carlson

Spread a message of thanks to all who enter your home with a garland constructed from plastic flowers, wooden letters, and woven plastic-tablecloth strips.


  • 512“-tall wooden letters to spell Give Thanks
  • Spray paint: black
  • Plastic tablecloths: orange (2), yellow, white, light blue, navy
  • String
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Hana-Ami Flower Loom from Clover


Assemble the Garland:

1. Spray-paint the wooden letters black; let dry.

2. Cut a whole orange tablecloth into three long strips. Braid the strips together and secure the ends with string. Cut braid to desired length.

3. Hot-glue the tops of the painted letters to the braided strip, spelling Give Thanks.

4. Referring our loom flower instructions, below, make approximately 10 loom flowers using the plastic tablecloths in assorted color combinations. Hot-glue flowers as desired to the garland.

How to Make Loom Flowers:

loom11. Cut the plastic tablecloths into 12“-wide strips along the length; knot one end of the strip. Place desired size flower loom ring onto base. Slip knot into groove on the outer edge of the base. Working clockwise, wind the strip around the pegs of the loom circle in a crisscross fashion through the center.

loom22. After wrapping the strip around the last peg, slip the strip through the slot on the outer edge; tie the strip to the knotted end in a bow. Cut off excess plastic.

loom33. Thread flower loom needle with contrasting plastic-tablecloth strip. Insert the needle through the center of the crisscrossing plastic from the back of the loom, leaving a long tail. Stitch through the center of the crisscrossed plastic between the plastic strips.

loom44. Continue stitching over the center of the flower until satisfied with the size of the flower center.

loom55. After making last flower center stitch, exit the strip on the back. Tightly tie the strip ends together on the back.

loom66. Remove the flower ring from the base. Trim the strip ends. Slip loops off pegs.

5 Deliciously Easy Pie Toppers

Whether your pie is homemade or store-bought (we won’t tell!), these DIY pie toppers add a beautiful touch to your Thanksgiving table. Simply print the pie toppers, spruce them up with basic crafts supplies, and add them to your pie.



Print acorns and cut out as many as needed. Tape acorns to a length of baker’s twine, and tie baker’s twine around two wooden dowels for a garland.

Get the acorn printable here.



Print banner and cut out. Tape banner to a wooden dowel.

Get the “gather together” printable here.



Print banners on kraft paper; cut out. Cut two horizontal slits approximately 1/4” long close to the short straight edge. Slide a wooden dowel through the slits. Have guests write what they’re thankful for on the banners.

Get the fill-in printable here.



Print leaves and cut out as many as needed. Color the leaves with coloring pencils. Tape floral wire to the back of the leaves, then wrap them around 12-gauge wire to look like a tree.

Get the leaves printable here.



Print banner out on kraft paper; cut out. Fold top of banner back ½”, wrap around a wooden dowel, and tape in place. Tie a piece of twine to both ends of the dowel. Hang the banner from a 12-gauge wire shaped to look like a shepard’s hook.

Get the “give thanks” printable here.

MIY This: Thanksgiving Crafts


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

Thanksgiving is a time to slow down, appreciate the things around you, and take a moment to connect with family and friends. Crafting handmade touches for your Thanksgiving table is the perfect time to reflect on the things you’re thankful for (and make dinner guests jealous of your MIY skills!). Make a stunning table runner with burlap and felt leaves. Adorn plates with yarn-wrapped wire leaves that double as a place card or a pretty napkin with fall touches. Place mats featuring the word “thanks” in different languages are sure to keep the dinner conversation interesting. Dessert won’t be complete without fun rope words. Guests will love bringing home pie wrapped in cute boxes labeled with printable messages. A “give thanks” banner will be the star of the meal. Or opt for a pumpkin pie-theme garland made with foil and clay. Get kids in on the action with a cute turkey pot holder or paper accordion turkeys!

Give Thanks Picture Frame



Put a new spin on a classic holiday tradition by having Thanksgiving guests share what they’re thankful for by hanging a leaf on a fall-inspired picture frame.



  • Medium or large picture frame with glass taken out
  • Twine
  • Staple gun or glue gun
  • Mini clothespins
  • Leaf patterns (download them here)


Assemble the Frame:

1. Paint your frame the color of your choice (we chose a terra cotta orange for a natural fall look); let dry.

2. Turn your picture frame over and secure the twine to the top corner with a staple gun or glue gun. Continue criss-crossing the twine from one edge of the frame to the another, securing with the staple gun as you go.

3. Cut out enough leaf shapes for every guest (we made a few extra in case guests wanted to write more than one thing down).

4. Have guests attach their leaves to the twine with a mini clothespin.




If you don’t have a picture frame, hang twine as a garland and have guests hang their leaves on it.