Product We Love: Mint Stamp Maker

The Mint Stamp Maker from Silhouette uses thermal printing technology to turn any image into a stamp. Use the included software to print your image onto a stamp sheet, then mount the image on the wood block, and add ink!


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Don’t want to design your own? Get a jumpstart on holiday crafting by grabbing our free stamp designs!


Featured on page 11 of Fall/Winter 2016 Make It Yourself.


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Product We Love: Fringe Scissors


Make easy, perfect fringe with Martha Stewart’s Fringe Scissors. Five nonstick blades and an ergonomic handle speed up the work while making consistent and even cuts.

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This vase starts with a book-page strip cut long enough to fit around the circumference of the vase. Fold the strip in half lengthwise, and cut into the folded edge with fringe scissors. Unfold the strip, attaching the uncut edges to the vase and letting the folded edge bow out.

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Product We Love: Aluminum Metal Sheets

Aluminum metal sheets offer many creative possibilities and are easy to cut to the desired size with tin snips. Choose from a variety of perforated designs or a solid magnetic sheet for your next project.

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A decorative metal screen makes a custom jewelry organizer when cut to fit inside a  salvaged frame. Spray-paint the mesh in the color you want using metal spray paint; let dry. Use a staple gun to attach the mesh to the back of the frame.


Have you used this product? Share tips for working with it in the comments below!


Product We Love: COSMO Embroidery Floss


Here at Make It Yourself, we love embroidery floss! (Have you joined our Cross-Stitch of the Month program yet?) Not only is embroidery fun, relaxing, and portable — perfect for a project while traveling — but it’s such a great way to play with color and texture.


COSMO embroidery floss from Lecien comes in 450 different colors and is made from Egyptian cotton. This makes the floss durable, strong, and vivid, so you can create embroidery projects that last. The colors are rich and beautiful! And Lecien has so many colors that you’ll be able to find whatever you need for your project.


Pick up some (or all — that’s what we did!) of this floss and get stitching!

See more about COSMO embroidery floss here.