DIY Decorative Hangers

Designer: Virginia Plunkett

Refresh your closet without spending money on new clothes.


  • Wooden hanger
  • Decorative paper (wrapping or scrapbook)
  • Sponge paintbrushes
  • Matte-finish decoupage medium (such as Mod Podge)
  • Old credit card
  • Crafts knife
  • Fine-grit sandpaper
  • Acrylic paint

1. Cut a piece of decorative paper slightly larger than the hanger surface you wish to cover.

2. Brush a thin coat of decoupage medium onto one side of the hanger. Be sure to cover the side completely, all the way to the edges. Place paper on hanger, smoothing out any air bubbles with an old credit card. Let dry.

3. Use a crafts knife to cut off excess paper around hanger edges. Use fine-grit sandpaper to sand hanger edges for a smooth finish.

4. If desired, brush a coat of acrylic paint onto opposite side of hanger; let dry. Brush a coat of decoupage medium over painted surface; let dry.


Shaved Ice Birthday Card

Designer: Lisa Storms

Send a snow-cone birthday greeting that will last through the hottest days of summer using cardstock, dimensional adhesive, and glitter to resemble shaved ice.


  • Cardstock: white, tan, multicolor stripe
  • Patterned paper: light purple
  • Adhesive foam squares
  • 2″ circle punch
  • Dimensional adhesive
  • Chunky glitter: crystal (such as JoAnn Craft Essentials)
  • Alcohol inks: red, blue, yellow
  • Small sponge
  • Photocopy paper: white
  • Paper clip
  • Glue stick

Make the Rainbow Shaved Ice:


1. Gather your supplies: 2″ punched paper circle; dimensional adhesive; chunky crystal glitter; alcohol inks in red, blue, and yellow; alcohol blending solution, and sponge.


2. Coat the top 34 of the circle with dimensional adhesive. While wet, sprinkle a thin layer of chunky crystal glitter onto the adhesive. Gently press the glitter into the adhesive.


3. Once dry, ink glitter with alcohol ink. To decrease intensity of any colors, mix alcohol ink with alcohol blending solution.

Build the Card:

1. Cut a 6×912” rectangle from white cardstock; fold in half to make a 434×6″ card.

2. Cut a 434×6″ rectangle from multicolor stripe cardstock; glue to front of card.

3. Cut a 414×512” rectangle from light purple patterned paper; attach to front of card using adhesive foam squares.

4. Cut a 4″ square from white photocopy paper. Fold two sides in at an angle to form a cone. Crease the folds.

5. Cut a 12×3″ strip from white photocopy paper. Straighten a paper clip, wrap the strip around the wire, and secure the long edge in place using a glue stick. Adhere the rolled strip to the top of the cone.

6. Apply glue to uncoated area of glittered circle and attach to the top back of the cone.

7. Attach the cone to the front of the card using adhesive foam squares.

8. Print “sweet birthday wishes” onto white paper and cut into a strip, notching the ends. Mat it on a strip of tan cardstock and notch the ends. Attach the strip to the front of the card using adhesive foam squares.

Paper Christmas Tree Wall Decor


Designer: Sara Perez

Deck the walls with a tree that stars your paper scraps!


  • 12×15″ piece of watercolor paper (or size to fit your frame opening)
  • Frame (ours is 16×20″)
  • Heavyweight cardstock: pale green, mint, forest green, gold, silver glittered
  • Crafts glue
  • 78” star punch

1. Cut pale green, mint, and forest green cardstock into strips ranging from 114–112” wide for the tree branches. Cut a 112” square from gold cardstock for the trunk.

2. Glue the trunk to the center bottom of the watercolor paper. Cut one pale green strip to 812” long. Referring to the photo, position the strip horizontally approximately 112” above the bottom edge of the ivory cardstock background for the bottom tree branch, overlapping the trunk; glue in place.

3. Cut a forest green cardstock strip slightly shorter than the pale green strip from step 2. Referring to the photo, glue the strip above the pale green strip, placing it at a slight angle and overlapping the strips.

4. Continue adding strips in the same manner. Alternate shades of cardstock, and overlap strips at alternating angles until satisfied with height of tree.

5. Punch a star from glittered silver cardstock. Glue star to the top strip of tree.

6. Insert tree artwork into frame.

Christmas Treat Bags


This post is sponsored by Glue Dots®.

Designer: Tammy Santana

Add embellishments to treat bags for fast and festive gifts!

Materials for All Three Bags:


Time: 20 minutes

Level: Intermediate

Assemble Bag #1:

Tammy Santana - bag 1 step 1.jpg

1. Cut one pennant each from plaid paper and brown glitter cardstock, and attach them to a treat bag with Glue Dots, offsetting them slightly.

2. Wrap ribbon and twine around the top of the treat bag and tie on a Christmas-theme button. Secure in place with Glue Dots.

3. Add additional button embellishments to bag for decoration.

Assemble Bag #2:

tammy-santana-bag-2-step-11. Cut twigs into various lengths to form a Christmas tree shape. Glue to treat bag using Advanced Strength Glue Dots.

2. Add a star embellishment  to the top of the tree with a Glue Dot.

3. Wrap twine around top of treat bag and add a red button. Secure all with Advanced Strength Glue Dots.

Assemble Bag #3:


1. Attach decorative paper to a treat bag with Glue Dots.


2. Add sequins with Glue Dots to the top corner of the decorative paper.


3. Fill a clear photo pocket with sequins. Seal the top of the photo pocket with a heat sealing tool.


4. Attach the photo pocket to the treat bag with Glue Dots along the top and bottom of the pocket.

5. Wrap a ribbon around the top of the treat bag and tie in an off center bow. Secure bow with a Glue Dot.

Visit the Glue Dots website for more project ideas and helpful products that make holiday crafting easy and fun!

3-D Gift Wrap

giftsDesigner: Sara Perez

Holiday wrappings as wonderful as the gift itself impress with dimensional accents.


  • 2″-diameter circle punch
  • Cardstock: light gold, medium gold, dark gold
  • Pink wrapping paper or pink box
  • 1″-wide gold satin ribbon
  • Cardstock: ivory
  • Coarse glitter: gold
  • Crafts glue

1. Punch two circles from each color of cardstock. Fold each circle in half.

2. Alternating colors, glue the punched circles back to back to make a half-circle topper.

3. Wrap package in pink wrapping paper, or use a pink box. Cut gold satin ribbon to fit around box, crisscrossing the pieces on the top. Glue half-circle topper at intersection.

4. Cut a 2×334” rectangle from ivory cardstock. Spread a thin layer of glue along one short edge, and sprinkle glitter into the wet glue; let dry. Handwrite names on the tag, and tuck tag under ribbons on the package.