Craft Fit: Join Our 30-Day Creative Challenge


It’s resolution time! One of the most common resolutions people make is to get fit, but how often do people make the resolution to whip their creative life into shape? This year, make a commitment to get your 30 minutes of creative exercise in each day! Join us in January for daily exercises guaranteed to get your creative juices flowing. We hope this challenge helps jumpstart your more creative life!

Follow along with the staff and our readers by posting photos of your daily challenge on Instagram and Facebook using the hashtag #MIYCraftFit.

Note: Not a January resolution maker? You can start this challenge at any time. Or give your creativity a jolt whenever you need it by choosing any exercise below!



1. Bookmark this page (or follow us on Facebook or Instagram).

2. Check the blog or our social media accounts from January 2–31 for the daily creative exercise. We’ll be posting links to each day’s challenge at the bottom of this blog.

3. Complete the challenge following our instructions (we hope each brings fun, happiness, and creativity to your day!).

4. Post pictures of the exercise for everyone to see using the hashtag #MIYCraftFit.

Day 1: Choose your creative word of the year. See details here.

Day 2: Take time to doodle! Download our activity sheet here.

Day 3: Get creative with mason jars! See ideas here.

Day 4: Find out your color personality with a fun quiz!

Day 5: Write a letter to a friend or family member and send it (handmade stationary optional).

Day 6: Find a quote that speaks to you creatively. Print it out or illustrate it yourself, then hang it in your crafts room.

Day 7: Change something in your routine today. Visit a different coffee shop, take a new way to work, try a new restaurant, etc.

Day 8: Create a vision board. See details and examples here.

Day 9: Stand in one spot and take 10 photos. Get more info here.

Day 10: Spend 30 minutes cleaning your crafting space.

Day 11: Get creative with old T-shirts! See ideas here.

Day 12: Invent a new craft tool or product. What crafty item do you need, but can never find in stores? What kind of item would make your creative life easier?

Day 13: Try journaling. We have a list of tips to get started and fun prompts to get you thinking here.

Day 14: Craft with a buddy! Don’t have crafter friends? Follow us on Instagram @miymag to join our staff on a crafting retreat!

Day 15: Perform a random act of craftiness! Give out handmade cards, yarn bomb something, or donate a knitted hat to a homeless shelter.

Day 16: Be proud of something you made! Post a pic on Facebook or Instagram and let the awesome comments roll in!

Day 17: Get creative with Duck Tape! See fun ideas here.

Day 18: Start coloring! Download our free coloring book pages here.

Day 19: Learn a new embroidery stitch. See our complete guide to embroidery here.

Day 20: Follow a new blogger or crafter on Instagram. You can follow us on Instagram here.

Day 21: Create a mind map for the word “Creativity.” See how to make a mind map here.

Day 22: Make a creative playlist that you can listen to while crafting!

Day 23: Analyze your handwriting + get tips for improving your style. See how here.

Day 24: Take time to relax, daydream, and pamper yourself. We have DIY scrub recipes and cute downloads here.

Day 25: Sign-up for an online class. We love searching on Skillshare, Craftsy, or YouTube!

Day 26: Unplug for 30 minutes. No phone, no computer, no TV!

Day 27: Find your favorite creative place! Where is it?

Day 28: Channel your inner child. Break out the finger paints, playdoh, dream catchers, etc!

Day 29: Find a podcast about creativity! We love TED Talk or Magic Lessons by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Day 30: Get creative with buttons!