Discover Yourself with Journaling


Sure, journaling may remind you of your 5th grade diary, but journaling as an adult has a lot of positive benefits! Not only does it free your thoughts so you can be more creative, but it teaches you a lot about yourself and the world. Whether you just want to try it as an experiment or are a daily journaling convert, these tips and prompts for journaling will help.


Journaling has many benefits:

  1. Taking time to sit and write about something that is affecting you can lead to a deeper understanding of what you’re actually feeling. When we’re so busy, we tend to overlook our emotions. Journaling can help you take time to think about how you feel about a situation.
  2. Journaling helps get everything out on paper, so your emotions aren’t bottled up. This helps clear your mind and your heart, leaving you free to get creative, explore life, and successfully communicate with others.
  3. Writing down hopes, dreams, and fears on paper can help you discover a lot about yourself. You’ll learn about desires you never knew you had, reoccurring themes in what you’re afraid of, and wishes you have for yourself and others.


Challenge: Try journaling. You may wish to journal for five minutes every morning (hey, we never need an excuse to buy more notebooks!) or do it at the beginning of each month. You can write about what’s happening in your everyday life or try deeper prompts to get you thinking (here’s a list of fantastic journaling prompts).

Download our journaling page that has the prompt of “I’ve always wanted to … “.

Get the journal page here.


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Create a Vision Board


from assistant art director Elizabeth Stumbo


Visualization is one of the most powerful tools to getting what we want. When you create a vision board and put it in a place where you see it every day, not only will you always be able to see your goals and desires, but you’ll be more likely to recognize opportunities to attain those goals when they appear in your life. You’ll be amazed at how things just start popping up all over the place once you set your intentions for what you want and how you want to feel.





  • A board (we used poster board from the local crafts store)
  • Scissors and tape/glue
  • Inspirational materials; these can be magazines, favorite photos, printed or written quotes, meaningful letters, etc.
  • Embellishments such as stickers, washi tape, ribbons, patterned paper, or other accents


Easy Steps:

  1. Cut out images or words that are meaningful to you.
  2. Arrange them on your board.
  3. Tape or glue the images in place.
  4. Embellish if desired.


What should you put on your vision board?

Add anything that motivates and inspires you! It can be quotes, images, colors, or found objects — anything that awakens a deeper meaning in your life. The purpose of your vision board is to bring everything on it to life. Think about what goals you made this year (they can be in the category of personal growth, relationships, finances, health, home, travel, education, etc.) What images come to mind when you think of those goals? How do you want your life to look this year? How do you want to feel this year?


How should you organize your vision board?

There are no rules! You can organize it however you want. Look at the top picture of this blog. Elizabeth organized her board into four distinct areas she wanted to work on. Lindsay’s vision board below has images flowing into one another with no order. Some people may choose to make multiple vision boards for every area in their life — for instance a work-related one they keep in the office, a health board to hang in their gym locker, and one centered on creativity for their crafts room.




from assistant multimedia editor Lindsay Mayland

Note: This exercise is part of our 30-Day Creative Challenge. Join our challenge today!


Craft with Mason Jars


Mason jars aren’t for canning alone! These redily available glass vessels come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for all sorts of crafts (one Pinterest search will have you overwhelmed with ideas!). Whether you’re looking to make cute home decor, a fun and personalized gift, or a useful accessory, mason jars are perfect for (almost) any need!


We challenge our readers to get creative with a mason jar and share your ideas! Tag pics on Instagram with #MIYCraftFit so we can see!


Need more inspiration? Here are a few of our fave ideas!


Give mason jars a watercolor-like look with a little paint.

Get instructions here.


Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 8.44.34 AM.png

Chalkboard paint makes storage of art supplies so easy!

Get instructions here.


Use mason jars as unique photo holders.

Get instructions here.



Recycle fabric scraps as easy jar wraps.

Get instructions here.



Get creative with a bright painted design.

Get instructions here.



Update jars with a fun color block yarn design.

Get instructions here.


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Take Time to Doodle


You don’t have to be an artist to be a good doodler. Doodling is an easy and inexpensive way to expand your creativity (and it’s so fun!). It also helps your memory, your productivity, and your focus. So whether you’re someone who mindlessly doodles while on the phone, fills a notebook with drawings, or enjoys coloring books and zentangles, try to add doodling to your everyday life!


Download our doodling page below. It has nine boxes to fill with anything you can think up (we’ve started two doodles for you in case you need help getting started!). You can use any drawing medium, any color, and explore any designs you want!

Get the doodle page here.


Benefits of Doodling:

1. It’s a creative outlet. Doodling is a perfect way to explore colors, patterns, and designs with no judgement or pressure. It helps you you relax, lets ideas start flowing, and unlocks creative expression.

2. It focuses on the present. Doodling puts your mind in a state of meditation on what you’re doing here and now. You can listen to others, but not reflect too deeply on their words. You can recognize things happening around you, but not react strongly.

3. It makes you more productive. Next time your to-do list gets out of control, try doodling next to each item on your list. Assigning fun images to each to-do helps you focus and gives you a visual goal so you can clearly see what needs to be done.

4. It helps you remember. Doodling engages the same part of the brain which is active in planning, multi-tasking, and concentrating. The more you strengthen that part of the brain, the more you can remember and focus on tasks at hand.



Note: This exercise is part of our 30-Day Creative Challenge. Join our challenge today!


Creative Word of the Year


Every year, our staff chooses a word of the year. It’s something that can remind us of our goals, guide our actions and choices, and motivate us to achieve our dreams. Choosing a creative word of the year can help provide clarity for all your big crafting goals and narrow them down into a single focus. So even when life overwhelms or you feel like you’re not making enough progress, you can center on your word and feel confident that you’re making time for your creative self.


What’s your creative word of the year? Share it in the comments below!



Our word: EXPLORE

What it means to us: Exploration can take on many forms. You can explore your creativity, explore your senses, explore new techniques. Through exploration, you might find new tools and tips to become better at your craft, question the ways that you do things, and even realize your true potential! We hope our year is full of new discoveries, roads less taken, and meeting lots of new people and places.




Here are other words of the year we love:

Fearless, Simplify, Patience, Focus, Happy, Balance, Growth, Discover, Confidence


Express your word:

We’ve found that it’s really helpful to have a visual representation of your word of the year (no surprise as crafters that we like to make it ourselves!). We encourage you to craft your word of the year and display it where you’ll see it daily. It’s a great reminder of your focus for the year.

We designed desktop wallpapers with our word of the year, so we can see it every time we log into our computers or use our phones.

Download this wallpaper for your computer here.

Download this wallpaper for your tablet here.

Download this wallpaper for your phone here.




Note: This exercise is part of our 30-Day Creative Challenge. Join our challenge today!