MIY This: Thanksgiving Crafts


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Thanksgiving is a time to slow down, appreciate the things around you, and take a moment to connect with family and friends. Crafting handmade touches for your Thanksgiving table is the perfect time to reflect on the things you’re thankful for (and make dinner guests jealous of your MIY skills!). Make a stunning table runner with burlap and felt leaves. Adorn plates with yarn-wrapped wire leaves that double as a place card or a pretty napkin with fall touches. Place mats featuring the word “thanks” in different languages are sure to keep the dinner conversation interesting. Dessert won’t be complete without fun rope words. Guests will love bringing home pie wrapped in cute boxes labeled with printable messages. A “give thanks” banner will be the star of the meal. Or opt for a pumpkin pie-theme garland made with foil and clay. Get kids in on the action with a cute turkey pot holder or paper accordion turkeys!


MIY This: Spooky Crafts

Spooky Crafts

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Whether you love spooky decor or silly touches in your home, Halloween crafts are so fun to make and display! Make haunting decor with a few simple supplies. Hang “Trick or Treat” artwork made from vinyl and paint. Decorate candle votives with black lace trim. Glow-in-the-dark dimensional paint lights up the night as spooky shapes on candles. Or wrap a wreath with orange-and-black ribbon for a classic door hanging. Do the monster mash with kid-friendly monster shapes. Felt pouches hide little treats, chocolate bars and icing form yummy treats, and fabric tissue holders catch “boogie” monsters. Serve spooky treats topped with ghost shapes or hide them in pumpkin boxes. Need some Halloween bling? Make a cameo skeleton necklace to wear through the season.

MIY This: Pretty Pumpkins

Pretty Pumpkins

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Not all pumpkins are meant to be carved! Some of the prettiest pumpkins don’t need a knife — just a few crafts supplies! Update pumpkins with paint. Make an abstract design with bright colors or paint pumpkins with chalkboard paint, then draw designs with a chalk marker. Marbleize pumpkins with (wait for it) nail polish and water! Decorate pumpkins fast by wrapping them in balloons for a dip-dyed look. Add unexpected natural elements to pumpkins with decoupaged flowers and leaves. Use a pumpkin as a chic floral centerpiece using a real bouquet or felt succulents. Cut crafts pumpkins to fit a small tea candle or a spooky marquee — perfect for outdoor decor that lasts through the season. Or personalize a pumpkin with a simple monogram made from tacks.

MIY This: Watercolor


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We love watercolor! It’s fun, bright, beautiful, and can quickly turn plain decor into “where did you get that?” pieces. Update your table with plates painted with swirling colors or napkins showcasing watercolor stripes. And your morning coffee will never be the same with a beautiful mug designed with a marbled look. Transform notebooks with splashes watercolor (so easy for kids, too!). Turn boring decor from drab to fab with watercolor pillows that match your color scheme. A wood clock gets natural beauty with a subtle gradient of watercolor. Set jewelry on cute white dishes featuring bright colors. Paint your own frameable artwork with watercolor and a fun message. Make your next party pretty with watercolor-inspired cookies and fancy place cards that your guests will want to take home.

MIY This: Gold Leaf and Gold Foil

Gold Leaf

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Glitz, gold, and glamour go with any decor! Use gold leaf or gold foil to add subtle touches to your decor for a bit of sparkle or use it to make bold statements in your home. Jazz up jewelry with gold leaf. A handmade jewelry holder gets metallic touches for a feeling of elegance. A gemstone necklace gets an update with beautiful gold accents. Elevate store-bought items with gold. An accordion binder goes from boring to trendy organizer with gold stripes. Clear tumblers brushed with gold leaf become glamorous glasses. Turn a plain white picture frame into a standout accent with gold leaf corners. Add paint and gold leaf to a vase for an unexpected planter. Ready to party? Add gold leaf accents directly to your hair for a sparkly accessory to any outfit. Natural elements pair perfectly with subtle gold accents. Paint logs or succulents with gold leaf for natural glitz for your table. Or mimic moon phases with gold and black magnets that are great for fridge fun.