Monster Math


“They did the math, they did the monster math. The monster math, it was a graveyard smash.” Use your paper punches to make monster faces using our easy monster math table!

Punch Shape Guide:

  • Large squares: 1-1/8″ square
  • Large circles: 1″ diameter
  • Triangles: 1″ diameter
  • Small squares: 5/8″ square
  • Small circles: 1/4″ diameter
  • Starburst: 1-1/2″ diameter

To Make Raised Eyebrows:

Cut a large square. Off-center your square and make another cut to make one eyebrow.


To Make Fangs:

Cut a starburst shape. Use the square punch to cut two points off the starburst to make fangs.


For colored eyelids:

  • Cut circle in half for orange eyelids or cut square in half diagonally for green eyelids.

For straight eyebrows:

  • Cut squares into strips.

For smaller teeth:

  • Cut a small square into rectangles of various widths.

MIY This: Spooky Crafts

Spooky Crafts

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Whether you love spooky decor or silly touches in your home, Halloween crafts are so fun to make and display! Make haunting decor with a few simple supplies. Hang “Trick or Treat” artwork made from vinyl and paint. Decorate candle votives with black lace trim. Glow-in-the-dark dimensional paint lights up the night as spooky shapes on candles. Or wrap a wreath with orange-and-black ribbon for a classic door hanging. Do the monster mash with kid-friendly monster shapes. Felt pouches hide little treats, chocolate bars and icing form yummy treats, and fabric tissue holders catch “boogie” monsters. Serve spooky treats topped with ghost shapes or hide them in pumpkin boxes. Need some Halloween bling? Make a cameo skeleton necklace to wear through the season.

Pom-Pom Monster Garland


Turn baker’s twine pom-poms into a goofy monster garland!


  • Baker’s twine
  • Wiggly eyes
  • Tacky glue
  • Embroidery needle

Assemble the Garland:

  1. Make baker’s twine pom-poms in a variety of colors. See how to make pom-poms here.


2. Use tacky glue to secure one or two wiggle eyes to each pom-pom to make monsters.

3. Thread a length of baker’s twine onto an embroidery needle. Push the needle through the back of each monster to make a garland.

Monster Trick-or-Treat Bag


Dress up trick-or-treat bags with a silly monster face! Kids will love collecting candy in these bags. Or add tissue paper hair and gift fun Halloween gifts to friends and family.


Cut Paper:

Cut out each pattern piece from the PDF download. Place your cardstock face down if it’s one-sided. Set each pattern piece on the paper color you want that facial feature to be, and trace around it with a marker. Cut out on the drawn lines.

Assemble the Monster:

Lay the gift bag flat on your work surface. Working from the bottom up, layer your face pieces and glue them in place. Let dry.