Cross-Stitch of the Month: October


Download the cross-stitch pattern here.



  • 6″-diameter embroidery hoop
  • 12″ square cross-stitch fabric
  • Embroidery floss: orange, brown, tan
  • Embroidery needle


Cross-Stitch the Design: Place cross-stitch fabric in embroidery hoop, pulling fabric taut. Tighten screw. Using two strands of embroidery floss and following the downloadable chart (above) for the pattern, cross-stitch the pumpkin from the back side through the fabric. See how to cross-stitch below. Weave tail from last stitch under previous stitches; trim ends.


How to Cross-Stitch: From the back of the fabric pull the needle and thread up at A. Insert the needle back into fabric at B, and bring it up again at C. Push needle down again at D to complete a cross-stitch. Repeat to make as many cross-stitches as needed.


How to Finish: When all stitching is complete, turn the hoop over. Stitch a running stitch approximately 1-1/2″ outside the hoop in the fabric that extends past the hoop edges. Pull the thread to gather the fabric; knot the thread. Trim away the extra fabric approximately 1″ outside the gathered line. If desired, cut a felt circle that is slightly smaller than the back of the embroidery hoop. Whipstitch the felt circle to the gathered fabric on the back side of the hoop.

Visit us on the first of each month to receive a new seasonal cross-stitch pattern. Tag pics on Instagram with #MIYmaglife so we can see!

Get September’s pattern here.





Spooky Spools

creature-featureDesigner: Lisa Storms

Turn spools into ghouls using embroidery floss, cardstock, and punches.


  • Wooden thread spools
  • Embroidery floss: lime green (green monster), black (cat),
    orange (pumpkin), white (mummy and skeleton), turquoise and purple (one-eyed monster)
  • Cardstock: black, white, gold, purple, red, blue
  • Crafts glue
  • Two miniature corks
  • Silver acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • Assorted circle punches
  • Old book page
  1. Using embroidery floss in desired color, hold end of floss against side of wooden spool shaft. Wrap floss around spool, covering the beginning of the floss to secure. Continue wrapping until shaft is completely covered, or if making stripes, change colors and fill in desired areas.

Give Jack his grinning personality by cutting small face shapes from black cardstock. Roll up a small piece cut from a book page, and push it into the hole for a pumpkin stem; tie on green floss for a vine.

one-eyed-monsterONE-EYED MONSTER
Scare up a crazy hairdo with a 12″-length of lime-green embroidery floss tucked into the spool hole. Use circle punches for the eye, and cut the mouth shapes from colored cardstock.

green-monsterGREEN MONSTER
It’s alive! Brush tiny corks with silver paint for this scary guy’s neck bolts. Add punched circles for eyes, and cut the stitches and mouth from colored cardstock.

No bones about it, this tiny skeleton is ready for Fright Night. Add black cardstock facial features, then give her a feminine touch with a purple hair bow cut from cardstock.

This guy may be all wrapped up, but he still has plenty of personality. Crisscross the floss wraps to create an opening for a pair of punched- circle eyes.

black-catBLACK CAT
No bad luck here! Knot and glue a length of white floss for cat whiskers. Punch circles for eyes; then punch them again to get the desired shapes. Add black cardstock- triangle ears.

One-Eyed Sweater Monsters

monster-mash Designers: Sheila Sinclair and Lisa Bee-Wilson

These one-eyed monsters will charm your child with their funny personalities.


  • Green sweater
  • Sweater or fabric scraps for eye, mouth, teeth, horns, and optional eyelashes
  • Zipper for mustache embellishment (optional)
  • Thin cotton batting
  • 12 cup plastic stuffing pellets (for stand-up monster)
  • Funnel
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Monster Pattern

If you want to make a flat monster, eliminate the base and use the curved line at the bottom of the Monster Body Pattern. If you want a stand-up monster, use the straight line at the bottom of the Monster Body Pattern when cutting. Also choose whether you want the green curved horns or the contrasting-color triangular ears, and cut the appropriate pieces.

From green sweater, cut:

  • 2 of Body Pattern
  • 1 of Base Pattern
  • 2 each of Horn Pattern and Horn Pattern Reversed


From sweater and fabric scraps, cut:

  • 1 each of Eye, Pupil, Mouth, Big Tooth, and Small Tooth patterns
  • 1—112×4″ strip for eyelashes
  • 4 of Ear Pattern


From batting, cut:

  • 2 of Body Pattern
  • 2 of Base Pattern

1. Referring to patterns and photos, position mouth, teeth, eye, and pupil shapes on one green sweater body piece as desired; pin in place. To add eyelashes, fold 112×4″ strip in half lengthwise and clip raw edges every 12“; tuck folded edge of strip beneath top edge of eye and pin before sewing along top edge of eye. Using a machine zigzag stitch, sew along edges of each piece to appliqué face.

2. Add desired embellishments, such as a zipper-teeth mustache.

3. If making horns: Layer a green sweater Horn and Horn reversed piece right sides together. Using 14” seam allowance, sew along curved edges only (Diagram 1). Turn right side out and stuff lightly with fiberfill. Pin or baste opening closed. Repeat to make a second horn.


4. If making ears: Layer two fabric ear pieces right sides together. Using 14” seam allowance, sew along two edges as shown (Diagram 2). Turn right side out and press flat. Fold a 14” pleat in the bottom edge and pin or baste edges closed. Repeat to make a second ear.


5. With raw edges aligned, position horns or ears on right side of body piece with appliquéd face; baste in place (Diagram 3).


6. With sweater right side up, layer each sweater body atop a batting body piece. Baste layers together 14” or less from all edges (or zigzag-stitch over raw edges).

7. For flat monster: With sweater right sides together, sew body pieces together along all edges, leaving a 2″ opening on one side.

8. For stand-up monster: Place two batting Base circles on wrong side of sweater Base circle. Using a 12” seam allowance, sew through all layers, leaving a 1″ opening, to form a pouch (Diagram 4). Use a funnel to insert plastic stuffing pellets into the pouch. Sew opening closed.


9. With sweater right sides together, sew body pieces together along all edges, leaving a 2″ opening on one side (Diagram 5).


10. Using a 14” seam, sew base pouch to bottom opening of the joined body pieces (Diagram 6).


11. Turn monster right side out through opening. Stuff monster with fiberfill. Depending on the sweater you used for your body (such as the chenille sweater used for the monster lower left in photo), the monster might stretch and get taller when you stuff it. Sew the opening closed to complete monster.

Monster Math


“They did the math, they did the monster math. The monster math, it was a graveyard smash.” Use your paper punches to make monster faces using our easy monster math table!

Punch Shape Guide:

  • Large squares: 1-1/8″ square
  • Large circles: 1″ diameter
  • Triangles: 1″ diameter
  • Small squares: 5/8″ square
  • Small circles: 1/4″ diameter
  • Starburst: 1-1/2″ diameter

To Make Raised Eyebrows:

Cut a large square. Off-center your square and make another cut to make one eyebrow.


To Make Fangs:

Cut a starburst shape. Use the square punch to cut two points off the starburst to make fangs.


For colored eyelids:

  • Cut circle in half for orange eyelids or cut square in half diagonally for green eyelids.

For straight eyebrows:

  • Cut squares into strips.

For smaller teeth:

  • Cut a small square into rectangles of various widths.

MIY This: Spooky Crafts

Spooky Crafts

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Whether you love spooky decor or silly touches in your home, Halloween crafts are so fun to make and display! Make haunting decor with a few simple supplies. Hang “Trick or Treat” artwork made from vinyl and paint. Decorate candle votives with black lace trim. Glow-in-the-dark dimensional paint lights up the night as spooky shapes on candles. Or wrap a wreath with orange-and-black ribbon for a classic door hanging. Do the monster mash with kid-friendly monster shapes. Felt pouches hide little treats, chocolate bars and icing form yummy treats, and fabric tissue holders catch “boogie” monsters. Serve spooky treats topped with ghost shapes or hide them in pumpkin boxes. Need some Halloween bling? Make a cameo skeleton necklace to wear through the season.