Rustic Twig Candle Holder

This post is sponsored by Glue Dots®.

Designer: Donna Budzynski

Add ambience to a room with a twig-covered candle holder.


  • Glue Dots® Permanent Dots™
  • Twigs
  • Glass votive
  • Muslin ribbon (you can also use plain ribbon)
  • Red thread
  • Sewing machine – Optional
  • Scissors
  • Candle


Time: 25 Minutes
Level: Beginner

1. Press Permanent Glue Dots all around the glass votive.

2. Adhere twigs to the glass votive. If the twig doesn’t touch the Glue Dots, add Glue Dots onto the twigs and press into place on the votive.

3. Using a scissors cut a small slit into the muslin ribbon so that you can rip it in half. It gives ribbon a country primitive look.

4. Optional: Using the zig-zag stitch on your machine, stitch down the center of the torn muslin ribbon.

5. Tie a bow around the twigs.

6. Add a candle.



Wine Bottle Christmas Tree

This post is sponsored by Glue Dots® . 

Designer: Robyn Power

Are you getting ready for Christmas? Here’s a little papercraft that is easy and can be a great addition to your Christmas decor.


Time: 30-45 minutes
Level: Beginner
Size: varies to the size of bottle used

1. Take your 12×12″ paper and cut it in half, so that it is 12×6″.

2. Cut the 12×6″ paper into strips that are 3/4″ wide. (Leave them 6″ long.)

3. Take your paper strips and curl one end around a pencil.

4. Place a glue dot on the other end of the paper strip that isn’t curled, and adhere it to the bottle. Start at the bottom, working all the way around, placing them next to each other.

5. Work your way up doing the same as step 3 and 4 making rows on top of one another, until you reach the top of the bottle.

Christmas Pinecone Holders

pinecone.jpgThis post is sponsored by Glue Dots®.

Designer: Donna Budzynski

Collect pinecones from your backyard to decorate your space with holiday spirit.


Time: 45 Minutes Total
Level: Beginner


1. Trace the top of the candle holders onto one side of the Advanced Strength Double-Sided Sheet.

2. Cut out the shape, peel off one of the liners, and press the exposed adhesive onto the top of the candle holders. Set aside.

3. Add Glue Dots Permanent Dots to as many scales (petals) of the pinecone as desired. It doesn’t matter if they are stretched out or folded.

4. Pour glitter into a plastic bag and dip pinecones into the bag. Make sure all Glue Dots get covered in glitter. Shake off excess glitter and remove from the bag.

5. Take the liner off the Advanced Strength adhesive that you placed on the top of the candle holders.

6. If the pinecones are not flat on the bottom, remove some of the scales to make it as flat as possible. Press the pinecones onto the exposed adhesive.

7. Tie on jute or ribbon of your choice.

8. Repeat steps for other two bases.

Joyful Christmas Tree Wall Decor

This post is sponsored by Glue Dots®.

Designer: Samantha Taylor

Burlap gives this Christmas tree a rustic feel, while patterned paper gives it a modern twist.



Assemble the Artwork:

1. Cut burlap to fit your frame size.
2. Make letters to spell “joyful” from patterned paper.
3. If desired, trace around letters with a paint pen.

4. Attach letters to burlap with Craft Dots.

5. Cut a small star and trunk for the tree. Attach trunk with Craft Dots and attach star with Pop Up Dots.

Sweater Coffee Cozy

warmth-at-handDesigner: Lisa Bee-Wilson

Keep your coffee—and your fingertips—nice and warm with a cozy for your cup.


  • Sweater sleeve
  • Needle: embroidery
  • Embroidery floss
  • Scraps of felt or felted wool (optional)
  • Snowflake pattern

1. Turn sleeve wrong side out. Cut long edges of the sleeve as necessary to make two pieces with parallel edges (Diagram 1). (We cut ours so it was 5″ wide.) Measuring from the cuff end of the sleeve, cut sleeve so it is about 16″ long. Machine-sew the long edges and the noncuff end closed using a 14” seam (Diagram 2). Turn right side out. Hand- or machine-sew cuff end closed; we covered the cuff end with a strip of felted wool and hand-stitched it in place using embroidery floss (Diagram 3).




2. Wrap the sleeve around a nonhandled mug to determine how tightly you want to wrap the mug cozy; start wrapping the sewn end of the sleeve around the mug (Diagram 4), then overlap the sleeve on top of itself to make the cozy (Diagram 5). Pin the overlap to secure it, then slide off the mug.


3. Using embroidery floss and a whipstitch, hand-stitch over the top and bottom edges of the overlapped area on the sleeve to secure. (Diagram 6).


4. If desired, fuse or sew an embellishment on the mug cozy. (Find the snowflake pattern we used under “Materials”.)