Patriotic Pinwheels


Spinning pinwheels are a fun party decoration or parade craft for the 4th of July!



  • Two-sided cardstock
  • Ball head straight pin
  • Wood dowel


Assemble the Pinwheel:

1. Cut a 7″ square from two-sided cardstock.

2. Draw two diagonal lines from the corners of the square, putting a dot in the center.


3. Cut along the lines, stopping an inch from the center of the paper. (You will have four triangle shapes connected at the center.)

4. Fold in the right corner of every triangle to the center point.


5. Use the pin to poke holes in each of the folded in corners.IMG_7942edit.jpg

6. Thread the pin through each corner hole and through the middle point of the paper to keep the corners in place.IMG_7943edit.jpg


7. Bend the pin 90 degrees and tape the end of the pin to a wood dowel.


Happy 4th of July! Tag pics of your patriotic crafts on Instagram with #MIYMag so we can see!



4th of July Wreath


Designer: Alison Gamm

Fabrics: Red, White and Free collection by Sandy Gervais for Moda Fabrics

Skinny red, white, and blue fabric strips make a simple holiday wreath. Drop a stunning star in the middle for the perfect door decoration.



  • Red, white, and blue fabrics
  • Wreath form (in any size)
  • Cutting tools

Assemble the Wreath:

IMG_5797web1. Cut fabric into 1×12″ strips. We used 50 strips for our 12″ wreath form. If you’re using a smaller or larger wreath form, you may need to adjust the amount of strips.


2. Tie all the strips around the wreath form, overlapping the strips slightly to hide the wreath form.

IMG_5805web3. Trim the strips to the same length, approximately 2-3″.

IMG_5834web-525x7424. We used a tutorial from How To Sew to make the stars. Get the instructions here. To hang the star, tape a piece of twine to the back of the star and wrap around the top of the wreath form.

MIY This: Fourth of July Crafts

4th of July

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The Fourth of July is for fireworks, backyard barbecues, and fun in the sun! These MIY patriotic crafts are perfect for a celebration with family and friends. Dress up your buffet table with fabric star decorations, dip-dyed napkins, and framed printable artwork. If the celebration lasts into the night, light candles with crafty wraps and plug in painted party lights (made from red plastic cups!) for an inexpensive look that can easily be removed after the holiday. Put your yard on display with U.S.A-theme garden stakes that are so easy to make. Looking for fun? Help children made paper pinwheels as an activity or set up a photo booth with printable props for a silly photo-op. Keep guests full with an easy-as-pie berry trifle that takes only minutes to prepare. Pair it with a cocktail (or mocktail!) made from berries for a signature drink for the 4th.

U.S.A Stars


Designer: Emily VanSchmus

Put your fave red, white, and blue papers on display with this easy star craft! They’re the perfect yard decoration for the 4th of July.


  • Red, white, and blue cardstock
  • Three 12×12″ pieces of black cardstock
  • Star pattern (click here for pattern)
  • 3-1/2″ scallop circle paper punch
  • 2-1/2″ paper doily circle
  • 1-1/2″ circle paper punch
  • 3D letter stickers
  • Three dowel rods

Finished star: 8″

Assemble the Stars:

  1. Cut your three black pieces of cardstock to 9×9″ (or slightly larger than the star pattern).


2. Cut the red, white, and blue cardstock into strips of varying widths. We trimmed our strips from 3/4″- to 2″-wide. Using your adhesive of choice, arrange and attach the strips to the 9×9″ piece of cardstock.


3. Trace the star pattern on the back side of the cardstock. Cut out on the traced lines.


4. Repeat steps 1-3 to make two more stars.


5. Punch a 3-1/2″ scallop circle from red-and-white cardstock. Layer a 2-1/2″ paper doily shape on top and adhere with glue.

6. Punch a 1-1/2″ circle from blue cardstock. Layer the blue circle atop the doily shape and adhere with glue.

7. Add a “U” letter sticker to the center of the blue circle. Adhere the center embellishment to the star using glue.

8. Repeat steps 5-7 to make the center embellishment for the other two stars, substituting a “S” and “A” letter sticker to spell “USA.”

9. Use tape or hot glue to attach the dowel rod to the back of the star shapes.