Mummy Halloween Punch Bowl

This post is sponsored by Glue Dots®.

Designer: Donna Budzynski

Quench your thirst with a spooky mummy punch bowl and matching cups.


Time: 30 Minutes
Level: Beginner

Assemble the Punch Bowl and Glasses:

1. Open package of Cheesecloth and cut into 3 strips.

2. Using Craft Dots, wrap the strips of cheesecloth all the way around the basket to give it a mummy effect.

3. Separate the cheesecloth and adhere large wiggly eyes to the bucket using All Purpose Dots.

4. Adhere wiggly eyes onto the cups using Craft Dots. Use various sizes.

5. Fill with your favorite punch. Red would be BLOODY perfect!


Black Cat Halloween Candle Decor

This post is sponsored by Glue Dots®.

Designer: Melanie East

Glass candle holders are easy to personalize for holidays, and can provide a spooky effect when lit at night!

Note: All products in this project are conveniently available for purchase at your local Walmart. This is a Cricut project that requires the use of a Cricut Explore machine and Cricut Design Space.


  • Glue Dots® All Purpose Dots™ (Available at Walmart in October)
  • Tall glass candle holder, approximately 7″ in height
  • Measuring tape
  • Black glitter cardstock
  • Cricut Explore Air 2
  • Cricut Standard Grip Cutting Mat

Time: 25 minutes
Level: Intermediate
Size: Approximately 7″ or other size as determined by the glass that you choose

Assemble the Candle Holder:

1. Measure the length of the glass. Set the glass aside.

2. Open up Cricut Design Space on your preferred device.

3. Begin a new project. Click “Insert Images.”  The cat used in this project is from the “Pumpkin Carvings” cartridge. In Cricut Design Space, find it easily by searching for image #M3EC99. Insert the cat into the project canvas.

4. Click the “unlock” icon on the lower left of the image.

5. Pull the cat image to approximately 7″ in length. (If your candle holder is a different size, adjust the width to any size that you choose.)

6. Apply the black glitter cardstock to the Cricut Standard Grip Cutting Mat.


7. Cut the cat with the Cricut Explore Air 2.


8. Apply the Glue Dots All Purpose Dots to the back of the cat. One of the wonderful product attributes of Glue Dots is that they are flexible, making it easy for you to adjust the Glue Dots to fit any area of your cardstock.

9. Firmly press the cardstock onto the front of the glass.

10. Fill with a large candle, rocks, faux spider web, or any other Halloween-theme item of your choosing.

Downloads from Fall/Winter 2017

Get the free printables offered in the Fall/Winter 2017 issue of Make It Yourself, on newsstands April 11, 2017–July 11, 2017.

Can’t find it on newsstands? Order a digital issue here!

For full instructions for each download, refer to the page numbers listed below the project pictures.

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Spray-Painted Lantern

Designer: Tari Colby

Put empty plastic water bottles in the spotlight by shaping them into an assortment of contemporary flowers, spray-painting the petals, and adhering them to the outside of a paper-globe lantern.


  • Approximately 50 to 60 empty water bottles in assorted sizes with labels removed
  • Electric knife (optional)
  • Spray paint
  • 20″-diameter paper lantern: white
  • Electrical cord kit
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

1. Using scissors or an electric knife, cut each water bottle in half. Cut five to nine times from the center to the end of each bottle half to create petals, shaping petal ends as desired.

2. Spray-paint the outsides of the petals. If desired, spray the bottle lids. Let dry.

3. Insert the electrical cord kit into the lantern. Hot-glue the bottle flowers to the outside of the lantern by placing a dab of glue on the bottle necks or the bottoms of the bottle halves. If desired, hot-glue a lid to the center of some of the flowers.

Wood-Burned Pendant

Designer: Jodi Harris

Experiment with a variety of wood-burner tips to freehand-draw dots, lines, squiggles, and letters onto colored wooden beads and a blank disc.


  • Wood-burning pen (such as Walnut Hollow Creative Woodburner)
  • Wood-burning tips: flow point and cone point (such as Walnut Hollow tips)
  • 8 to 10 colored wooden beads ranging in size from ¾” to 1″
  • 2″ round wooden disk
  • Transfer paper
  • Drill with ⅛” bit
  • 2 coordinating filler beads with small holes
  • Suede necklace cord
  • Jewelry pliers
  • 2 crimp ends with loops
  • 2 split rings
  • Lobster clasp
  • Jewelry chain
  • Pendant pattern (get it here)

1. Place desired wood-burning tip on the wood-burning pen. Freehand-draw lines, squiggles, dots, and letters onto the beads.

2. Place transfer paper on top of the wooden disc. Place the pendant pattern on top of the transfer paper. Using the blunt end of a ballpoint pen, trace the pattern to transfer it onto the wooden disk.

3. Burn the design lines on the wooden disk using a wood-burning pen fitted with a cone point.

4. Drill two holes spaced approximately ⅜” apart at the top of the disk.

5. Cut a necklace cord to desired length. Thread the cord ends from front to back through the holes in the disk. Adjust the cord so that the cord ends are even and the cord lays flat between the holes on the front of the disk.

6. Tie an overhand knot in the cord along each side of the wooden disk. Thread a filler bead onto each cord end; the knots should prevent the beads from touching the disk.

7. Thread the wood-burned beads onto the cord ends. Arrange the beads to create a balanced design on each side of the disk.

8. Using jewelry pliers, attach crimp ends to each cord end. Attach a split ring to each loop on the crimp ends.

9. Attach a lobster clasp to one split ring. Cut a 6″ length of jewelry chain; attach to the remaining split ring.

10. Fit necklace around your neck; adjust the chain length as needed by cutting off the excess chain. Leave about 2–3″ of necklace chain for small adjustments.