Macaroon Storage Pouch

Adapted from an original design by Keiko Clark

Here’s a recipe for macaroon look-alikes that doesn’t require you to be a skilled pastry chef.


  • 6×12″ rectangle solid pastel No. 1 (zipper tab, pocket)
  • 2—6×12″ rectangles solid pastel No. 2 (outer case, lining)
  • Heavy-duty template plastic
  • Heavy paper
  • Needle and thread
  • 9″-long zipper: white
  • Heavy-duty thread
  • Download the pattern pieces here.


Finished size: 3″ diameter

Measurements include 14” seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabrics:

Cut pieces in the following order. Download the pattern pieces here.


From solid pastel No. 1, cut: 

  • 2 of Pattern C
  • 112” square

From solid pastel No. 2, cut:

  • 4 of Pattern A

From each template plastic and heavy paper, cut:

  • 2 of Pattern B

Prepare Zipper Unit:

1. Using needle and thread, secure zipper tape ends 14” below teeth at zipper bottom with overlapping backstitches. Repeat stitching at opposite zipper end 14” from zipper stop.

2. To create the join between the case front and back, fold opposite edges of solid pastel No. 1 12” square under 38” to make a 34×112” folded unit. Open zipper slightly. Center folded unit on wrong side of zipper over joined zipper ends. Stitch folded edges of unit to zipper tape. Close zipper.


3. Turn zipper so zipper pull tab is on the outside. Snip 14” clips every 12” around the zipper tape on both sides.

Assemble Outer Case:

1. Sew gathering stitches close to outer edge of a solid pastel No. 2 A circle. Place circle right side down on a flat surface. Place a small handful of polyester fiberfill on wrong side of pastel circle. Layer plastic B circle on polyester fiberfill. Pull gathering thread around plastic circle (enclosing fiberfill) and secure thread ends to make a cover unit.

2. Position cover unit atop one side of zipper unit. Working from right side, whipstitch cover unit to zipper tape.

3. Using a solid pastel No. 2 A circle, repeat Step 1 to assemble a second cover unit. Position cover unit atop remaining side of zipper unit. Whipstitch cover unit to zipper tape as before to make outer case.

Assemble Lining:

1. Turn under straight edge of solid pastel No. 1 C piece 12” twice. Topstitch along first fold to make pocket piece. Repeat to make a second pocket piece.

2. Center pocket piece, right side up, atop right side of a solid pastel No. 2 A circle; baste edges.

3. Center a paper B circle on wrong side of solid pastel No. 2 A circle. Sew gathering stitches close to outer edge of A circle. Place circle right side down on a flat surface. Pull gathering thread around paper circle and secure thread ends to make lining with pocket.

4. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 with remaining pocket piece, paper B circle, and solid pastel No. 2 A circle.

Finish Case:

Open outer case. Center one lining piece on inside of case. Whipstitch lining to zipper tape. Repeat with remaining lining piece on other inside of case to complete case.



Shaved Ice Birthday Card

Designer: Lisa Storms

Send a snow-cone birthday greeting that will last through the hottest days of summer using cardstock, dimensional adhesive, and glitter to resemble shaved ice.


  • Cardstock: white, tan, multicolor stripe
  • Patterned paper: light purple
  • Adhesive foam squares
  • 2″ circle punch
  • Dimensional adhesive
  • Chunky glitter: crystal (such as JoAnn Craft Essentials)
  • Alcohol inks: red, blue, yellow
  • Small sponge
  • Photocopy paper: white
  • Paper clip
  • Glue stick

Make the Rainbow Shaved Ice:


1. Gather your supplies: 2″ punched paper circle; dimensional adhesive; chunky crystal glitter; alcohol inks in red, blue, and yellow; alcohol blending solution, and sponge.


2. Coat the top 34 of the circle with dimensional adhesive. While wet, sprinkle a thin layer of chunky crystal glitter onto the adhesive. Gently press the glitter into the adhesive.


3. Once dry, ink glitter with alcohol ink. To decrease intensity of any colors, mix alcohol ink with alcohol blending solution.

Build the Card:

1. Cut a 6×912” rectangle from white cardstock; fold in half to make a 434×6″ card.

2. Cut a 434×6″ rectangle from multicolor stripe cardstock; glue to front of card.

3. Cut a 414×512” rectangle from light purple patterned paper; attach to front of card using adhesive foam squares.

4. Cut a 4″ square from white photocopy paper. Fold two sides in at an angle to form a cone. Crease the folds.

5. Cut a 12×3″ strip from white photocopy paper. Straighten a paper clip, wrap the strip around the wire, and secure the long edge in place using a glue stick. Adhere the rolled strip to the top of the cone.

6. Apply glue to uncoated area of glittered circle and attach to the top back of the cone.

7. Attach the cone to the front of the card using adhesive foam squares.

8. Print “sweet birthday wishes” onto white paper and cut into a strip, notching the ends. Mat it on a strip of tan cardstock and notch the ends. Attach the strip to the front of the card using adhesive foam squares.

How To Doodle on Ceramic Mugs

1. Print out any picture or pattern (or draw your own on white paper). Cut around the outside of the pattern. Cut a piece of transfer paper slightly larger than the area to be doodled, and tape it to the surface. Tape the pattern over the transfer paper.


2. Using a pencil, firmly trace the pattern lines to transfer the design to the surface. Remove the pattern and the transfer paper.


3. Using a paint pen, trace the lines; let dry. Cure the paint by baking the piece in the oven, following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Happy Camper Party

Gather your friends and head to craft camp! Print our free decorations, activities, recipes and more as offered in the Spring/Summer issue of Make It Yourself, on newsstands April 11-July 11, 2017.

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happy camper.jpg

Get invitations, decorations, screen printing patterns, a scavenger hunt game, and recipes to host your own Happy Camper weekend.

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While you’re camping, make your own terrarium featuring cute details!


Downloads from Spring/Summer 2017


Get the free printables offered in the Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Make It Yourself, on newsstands April 11, 2017–July 11, 2017.


Can’t find it on newsstands? Order a digital issue here!

For full instructions for each download, refer to the page numbers listed below the project pictures.


Chapter: Crafty Comeback

Page: 20 of Spring/Summer 2017 Make It Yourself

Download the PDF here.

By the Book

Chapter: By the Book

Page: 48 of Spring/Summer 2017 Make It Yourself

Download the PDF here.