We Can’t Stop Watching How Colored Pencils Are Made!

Have you ever wondered how colored pencils change from a piece of wood to an artist’s utensil? Well, look no further! A stationery factory in Shanghai, China, released a video to show how colored pencils are really made, and let us tell you, there’s so much more to the process than you’d think.

The pencils enter the factory as “pencil blocks,” and are further cut down to flat slats of wood that are waxed and stained. They then make their way down the production line where thin, rounded grooves are shaped in the center for placement of the colorful lead. Once the lead is snug inside of the wooden groove, a second piece of rounded wood is glued on top of the led, making what the factory calls a “sandwich.”

To complete the shaping process, the sandwiches are cut into cylinders before they enter the final steps of the process where they paint the exterior, add erasers, sharpen, and then package the pencils.

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Color Palette: July

Color Palette - July.jpg

July is our time for flea markets! We love romantic colors to add a vintage vibe to our home. Choose olive, teal, beige, and mauve for your next project. Since the colors all have a softer side (but still with a punch of color), they stand out against both lighter and darker colors for the perfect balance.

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They’ve Identified the World’s Ugliest Color

In 2012, the Australian government hired researchers to find the world’s most unappealing color to put on tobacco products to discourage people from smoking. Described as “death,” “dirty,” and “tar,” the color is the Pantone hue 448C, or opaque couché. See it below.



Yes, it’s ugly. But the brownish-green color is serving an important mission! The research agency GfK was tasked with identifying this color, which was a very different task than most of their work. They were used to making products more appealing, not unappealing. The research took three months, seven studies, and surveyed over 1,000 smokers, but eventually they found a color no one had anything nice to say about.

The demand for the ugliest color came with Australia’s law that cigarettes could only be sold in plain packaging (meaning no brand logos or promotional text). Brand names have to be small and graphic images of tobacco’s effect on health and warnings are prominent.

And it worked! Data revealed that smoking rates dropped by .55 percent (the equivalent of 108,000 people) from December 2012 to September 2015.

Now, other governments are adopting the plain packaging method and Pantone 448C, as well. The U.K., Ireland, and France have also adopted similar plain packaging laws and the “drab dark brown” color, too.


Color Palette: June


Color Palette - Junenew.jpg

June is all about time by the pool and in the sun! Choose sapphire, banana, sky blue, and light gray for your next project. The yellow and sky blue are both sunny and bright, while the dark blue provides depth and the light gray acts as a neutral (without the heaviness).

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