Product We Love: Dimensions Counted Cross-Stitch

These easy-to-stitch designs by Dimensions are a fun and trendy hang-up for your space! Whether that be in your office, household, or propped up on a desk, you’ll never be at a loss of words again. If you’re feeling daring, you could even gift these to a like-minded friend or family member.

At only $9.99, each cross-stitch kit is equipped with thread, 14 count Aida in white or black (depending on the kit you choose), a 6″ wood hoop, needle, and detailed instructions. The finished craft is 6″ in diameter. (There are so many sassy and fun designs to choose from! See your options here.)

Which design is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Our Spring/Summer 2017 Issue Is Here!


Our Spring/Summer 2017 issue of Make It Yourself magazine is finally here (feels like it took forever, doesn’t it?)! Pick up a copy on newsstands from April 11-July 11 to learn how to:

  • rediscover the fun of Shrinky Dinks
  • turn cupcake liners into cool creations
  • transform store-bought rugs
  • make realistic plants from felt, paper, and paint
  • bind your books and notebooks
  • host an adult craft camp
  • sun-print botanical designs
  • channel the Farmer’s Market in your decor
  • set a crafty spring table
  • get the marble look three ways


Can’t find it in stores? Get a digital copy of this issue (+ back issues) here.

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Product We Love: Unicorn SPiT Paint

Crafting can be fun for just about anyone, but let’s be honest, it can also get expensive. Especially when each project requires all different materials. With hundreds of options in the industry, we discovered a product that may help combat that overwhelming feeling you get when you head toward the craft store checkout line!

Unicorn SPiT is a multi-use paint that was created by Michelle Gordon, an Art Director for her family-owned business, when she realized there was a gap in the market for quality craft paint. After experimenting in her kitchen, she came up with a formula that was usable on a variety of surfaces including wood, glass, metal, fabric, concrete, and more. It’s also jasmine scented (believe us, we tested!) and non-toxic, so you can paint indoors without having to wear a mask. It’s now distributed by Eclectic Products, the same company that does E6000 glue.

We painted this wood letter L with the colors Purple Hill Majesty and Zia Teal. The easy-to-use product blended perfectly together for a washed look. We added a little water to dilute the mixture and get the varying shades of colors. (Fun fact: If you squeeze unicorn paint onto a paper plate and let it dry, you can use it as a watercolor.) Hang the letter on a gallery wall or prop it on a bookshelf and you have the perfect DIY to personalize your space!

The line comes in 10 vibrant colors and can be diluted with a splash of water down to a gel, stain, glaze, or tint- making it perfect for simple painting projects, or something more complex like refurbishing old furniture. For the letter E, we painted on Thunder Blue and used a paper towel to wipe off any excess for a washed look. We added white paint on top for a white wash, then added white polka dots.

The possibilities are endless! You can mix glitter into the colors for a metallic look, add white liquid glue to it for a puff paint look, or stain any surface and add a glaze for a professional finished look.

UNICORN SPiT isn’t quite on the market yet, but look for it in places like JoAnn’s, Home Deport, and other crafting and home improvement places soon!

What do you think? Would you try UNICORN SPiT? 

Our Fall/Winter 2016 Issue Is Here!


Our Fall/Winter 2016 issue of Make It Yourself magazine is finally here (feels like it took forever, doesn’t it?)! Pick up a copy on newsstands from September 20–December 19 to learn how to:

  • create fun Duck Tape projects with kids
  • use Perler Beads to make the coolest crafts
  • stitch spellbinding decor for Halloween
  • update denim into amazing wearables
  • learn simple weaving techniques
  • host a hip wine tasting party
  • sew handmade holiday decor
  • give olds belts new life
  • use felt for easy Christmas crafts
  • play with hot wax (encaustics)

Can’t find it in stores? Get a digital copy of this issue (+ back issues) here.

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We Can’t Stop Watching How Colored Pencils Are Made!

Have you ever wondered how colored pencils change from a piece of wood to an artist’s utensil? Well, look no further! A stationery factory in Shanghai, China, released a video to show how colored pencils are really made, and let us tell you, there’s so much more to the process than you’d think.

The pencils enter the factory as “pencil blocks,” and are further cut down to flat slats of wood that are waxed and stained. They then make their way down the production line where thin, rounded grooves are shaped in the center for placement of the colorful lead. Once the lead is snug inside of the wooden groove, a second piece of rounded wood is glued on top of the led, making what the factory calls a “sandwich.”

To complete the shaping process, the sandwiches are cut into cylinders before they enter the final steps of the process where they paint the exterior, add erasers, sharpen, and then package the pencils.

Feeling inspired to color? Get free coloring book pages here.