Christmas Pinecone Holders

pinecone.jpgThis post is sponsored by Glue Dots®.

Designer: Donna Budzynski

Collect pinecones from your backyard to decorate your space with holiday spirit.


Time: 45 Minutes Total
Level: Beginner


1. Trace the top of the candle holders onto one side of the Advanced Strength Double-Sided Sheet.

2. Cut out the shape, peel off one of the liners, and press the exposed adhesive onto the top of the candle holders. Set aside.

3. Add Glue Dots Permanent Dots to as many scales (petals) of the pinecone as desired. It doesn’t matter if they are stretched out or folded.

4. Pour glitter into a plastic bag and dip pinecones into the bag. Make sure all Glue Dots get covered in glitter. Shake off excess glitter and remove from the bag.

5. Take the liner off the Advanced Strength adhesive that you placed on the top of the candle holders.

6. If the pinecones are not flat on the bottom, remove some of the scales to make it as flat as possible. Press the pinecones onto the exposed adhesive.

7. Tie on jute or ribbon of your choice.

8. Repeat steps for other two bases.


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