Spray-Painted Lantern

Designer: Tari Colby

Put empty plastic water bottles in the spotlight by shaping them into an assortment of contemporary flowers, spray-painting the petals, and adhering them to the outside of a paper-globe lantern.


  • Approximately 50 to 60 empty water bottles in assorted sizes with labels removed
  • Electric knife (optional)
  • Spray paint
  • 20″-diameter paper lantern: white
  • Electrical cord kit
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks

1. Using scissors or an electric knife, cut each water bottle in half. Cut five to nine times from the center to the end of each bottle half to create petals, shaping petal ends as desired.

2. Spray-paint the outsides of the petals. If desired, spray the bottle lids. Let dry.

3. Insert the electrical cord kit into the lantern. Hot-glue the bottle flowers to the outside of the lantern by placing a dab of glue on the bottle necks or the bottoms of the bottle halves. If desired, hot-glue a lid to the center of some of the flowers.


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