Woven CD Table Mat

Designer: Kristin Cleveland

Convert a stash of old CD or DVD discs into a table mat by weaving vibrant yarn onto the circular surfaces; then join the discs to form an interesting shape, such as the diamond shown.


  • Tapestry needle
  • Yarn in desired colors
  • CDs or DVDs
  • Size 3 perle cotton in desired color


Finished size: 17×29″

Note: The back of the disc is the printed side with label. The front is the unmarked side.

1. Thread a tapestry needle with a generous arm’s length of yarn. Hold yarn end against back (printed side) of the disc. Pass the needle through the hole in the center and tightly and evenly wrap the yarn around the disc until you have 13 warp yarns (or any odd number). Tie the ends together in a knot on the back, and trim the excess.

2. Select a yarn for weaving and cut an arm’s length. Tie yarn end to one of the warp yarns on the back of the disc. Thread yarn end onto tapestry needle, and pass the needle through the center hole of the disc so it is on the front.

3. Weave the needle under and over the warp yarns while working counterclockwise around the disc to create the weft. Pull the yarn tight as you work and keep the weaving neat. Note: As you weave new rows, the weft pattern will continue to alternate because of the odd number of warp yarns.

4. When you near the end of the yarn, insert the needle in the space between warp yarns and under the weft yarns; pull the yarn through to the center hole of the disc, hiding the yarn under the weft yarns. Pass the needle through the center to the back, and knot the yarn end to one of the warp threads on the back. Do not pull the yarn too tight.

5. To start a new yarn length, reverse Step 4 by coming up through the weft about two to three warp threads back from where you left off. Continue weaving, overlapping the joint.

6. Repeat steps 1–5 to weave all discs. You will need 16 to make a diamond-shape table mat. Refer to the main photo to lay out four diagonal rows of four discs each to create a diamond shape. To join the discs, knot two warp threads together between discs using perle cotton as shown.


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