Kitchen-Inspired Embroidered Linens

Designer: Särah Goldschadt

Made by: Jann Williams

Whether your are a well-versed foodie or culinarily challenged, these embroidered linens and framed artwork are inspiring ingredients for a fun kitchen.


  • Two linen hand towels
  • Rickrack: 1″-wide orange, 14“-wide orange, 12“-wide teal
  • 34“-wide twill tape: teal
  • Sewing thread: teal and orange
  • Sewing needle
  • 18″ square of teal wool
  • Transfer paper
  • Stylus or dried-up ballpoint pen
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Perle cotton: Valdani size 12 #0/244 (variegated orange), Valdani size 12 #0/550 (variegated teal), and DMC size 5 Ecru
  • Embroidery needle
  • Square frame with 112“-square opening
  • Whisk Pattern
  • Silverware Pattern
  • Mixer Pattern

1. Measure width of towel and cut rickrack and twill tape 12” longer than measurement. Referring to the photo, above, for placement, hand-sew rickrack and twill tape to the hemmed edge of the towel using matching sewing thread and tiny tack stitches. Tuck under the rickrack raw ends and stitch in place.


2. Use a light box or sunny window to trace whisk and cutlery patterns onto hand towels using a sharp pencil. Position the whisk approximately 12” above the rickrack and the cutlery 112” above the rickrack. Lay a piece of transfer paper onto teal wool. Lay mixing bowl and mixer pattern on top of transfer paper in desired location. Using a stylus or dried-up ballpoint pen, carefully and firmly trace over design lines to transfer design onto wool.


3. Place towel or wool in embroidery hoop. Referring to color key on patterns for thread colors and stitches, embroider the designs.


4. Remove embroidery from hoop. Using a warm iron, press finished embroidery.


5. For the framed piece, hand-stitch 14“-wide orange rickrack to the mixer as shown in the photo, above, using matching sewing thread and tiny tack stitches. Tuck under the raw ends before securing. Insert embroidery into frame.


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