Coiled Planter Pot Container

Designer: Sheila Sinclair Snyder 

Cover up a boring pot with a coiled container that coordinates with your decor.


  • Approximately 50′ of 316“-wide cotton cord
  • 18 yard of green print fabric
  • Sewing thread: clear
  • Clear-drying crafts glue

Finished size: 412” tall

1. Cut green print fabric into 1″-wide strips.

2. Referring to How-To Sew a Cord Coil below, and using white sewing thread, sew between the cord rounds to make a 4″-diameter coil for the pot cover base.

2. To begin pot cover sides, lay the clothesline over the top of the outermost row of pot cover base coil. Shift base under the sewing machine foot so the coil is flipped up vertically on the left side of foot. Continue sewing between the rounds until the planter sides are 3″ tall.

3. Wrap a green print strip clockwise around the clothesline, and continue sewing the coil for two rounds, adding more green strips as necessary.

4. Continue sewing uncovered cord for the coil for approximately 5 more rounds or until the pot cover sides are 412” tall. Trim cord end, leaving 3″ unsewn. Cover cut end with clear-drying crafts glue to prevent fraying; let dry. Sew remainder of cord to top of pot cover, backstitching at the end for extra reinforcement.

How to Sew a Cord Coil:

1. For a round base, coil one end of the cord tightly around itself a few times until the coil is the size of a quarter.



2. While holding coil firmly, place the coil under your sewing machine’s zigzag foot with the cord extending off the right side toward you. Use a wide zigzag to stitch between the cording rows, catching the cording on both sides to hold it together.

3. Slowly rotate the coils counterclockwise as you zigzag-stitch in between the rows. For long continuous curves, you may wish to switch to an open toe sewing machine foot. Tilt coil as you stitch to build sides.


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