Oversized Bow Clutch

Designer: Molly Hanson

An oversize fabric bow lends a bit of fanciful flair to an all-purpose bag that’s just right for stashing your essentials.


  • 3—18×22″ pieces (fat quarters)
    in cream print (bag), light blue (lining), navy (bow)
  • 10″-long zipper
  • Lightweight fusible web (such as Heat ‘n Bond Lite)
  • Double-stick sewing tape (such as Wash Away Wonder Tape)

Finished ba: 812×1512

Yardages and cutting instructions are based on 42″ of usable fabric width. Measurements include 14” seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

Cut Fabric:
From cream print, cut:

  • 2—9×16″ rectangles (exterior)

From light blue, cut:

  • 2—9×16″ rectangles (lining)

From navy, cut: 

  • 1—16×18″ rectangle (bow)
  • 1—4×5″ rectangle (bow loop)

From lightweight fusible web, cut:

  • 2—9×16″ rectangles

1. Following manufacturer’s instructions, press each fusible-web rectangle onto wrong side of each cream print 9×16″ rectangle; let cool. Peel off paper backings ad press fusible-web side of each exterior rectangle onto wrong side of each bag light blue 9×16″ lining rectangle to make a bag front and a bag back (Diagram 1); let cool.

2. With right sides together, fold navy 16×18″ rectangle in half to measure 8×18″. Sew along the 18″-long side to make a tube (Diagram 2). Turn tube right side out, center the seam on back, and press

3. With right sides together, fold navy blue 4×5″ rectangle in half to measure 212×4″. Sew along the 4″-long side to make a tube. Turn tube right side out, center the seam on the back, and press. With the seam on the outside, fold tube in half and match short raw edges. Sew the ends together to make a ring (Diagram 3). Turn ring right side out.

4. Carefully insert the tube into the ring. Adjust pieces so the seam for the tube is facing the front and the seam for the ring is facing back.

5. Fold bag front in half crosswise and then lengthwise; finger-press the intersecting fold to find the center; unfold with exterior side faceup. With the wrong side of the bow facedown, center the bow over the center mark and pin the bow ends to the bag sides. Sew bow ends to sides using a scant 14” seam allowance (Diagram 4).


6. Place bag front on a flat surface with bow side facing up. Cut a 16″-long piece of double-stick sewing tape. Following the package instructions, press double-stick sewing tape to a 16″-long edge of the bag front. Gently peel off tape’s paper backing to expose sticky side of tape. Note: Wash Away Wonder Tape is available in fabrics stores in the notions department.


7. Match right side of zipper to sticky side of tape, pressing with your finger to secure zipper. Tape will hold the zipper firmly in place without pins. If your machine has a zipper foot, attach it to your sewing machine. If you don’t have a zipper foot, you can still sew on a zipper, making the stitching line as near to zipper teeth as possible. Sew along edge of bag front near zipper teeth (Diagram 5). When you get to the zipper pull, do not swerve to go around it. Instead, stop with the needle down in the fabric, lift presser foot, and slide zipper pull up and out of the way. Lower presser foot and continue sewing.

8. Fold zipper face up (Diagram 6). Finger-press bag front away from zipper. Repeat steps 7 and 8 with the bag back, sewing down opposite side of zipper teeth in the same manner. Finger-press as before.

9. Topstich 18” from folds on each side of zipper (Diagram 7). Note: The sewing tape is temporary and will not gum up your needle.

10. Remove the zipper foot from the sewing machine and replace it with a regular sewing foot. With right sides inside and zipper almost all the way open, fold bag body in half, matching 9″-long edges; pin. Sew the sides and bottom (Diagram 8).

11. To shape bottom of bag, at one corner match bottom seam line to side seam line, creating a flattened triangle (Diagram 9). Measuring 2″ from point of triangle, draw a 2″-long line across triangle. Sew on drawn line. Trim excess fabric, leaving 12” seam allowance. Repeat with remaining bottom corner of bag.


12. Turn bag right side out through open zipper. Arrange bow pleats as desired.


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