Simple Sewing Apron

Designer: Joyce Cronkhite

The piecing is simple on this kitchen gadget inspired apron.


  • 4—34-yard pieces of assorted prints in coral, big dot, small green dot, and cream novelty (apron, pocket, lining)
  • 1 yard green rickrack
  • 2—112-yard pieces of 78“-wide grosgrain ribbon: cream and green
  • Water-soluble marking pen


Finished Apron: 21×2812” (overall); 21×2212” (folded)

Quantities are for 44/45″-wide, 100% cotton fabrics. Measurements include 14” seam allowances. Sew with right sides together unless otherwise stated.

1. Cut pieces in the following order.

From coral print, cut:

  • 2—534×30″ strips

From big dot, cut:

  • 2—534×30″ strips

From small green dot, cut:

  • 1—634×14″ rectangle

From cream novelty print, cut:

  • 1—2112×30″ rectangle

From green rickrack, cut:

  • 1—22″-long piece
  • 1—7″-long piece


2. Sew together two coral print 534×30″ strips and two big dot 534×30″ strips to make apron front (Diagram 1). Press seams in one direction. Apron front should be 2112×30″ including seam allowances.


3. Topstitch along one side of each seam (Diagram 2).


4. Layer cream novelty print 2112×30″ rectangle and apron front with right sides together, orienting the prints in opposite directions so that the cream novelty print rectangle is right side up when the top is folded over the front. Sew together around all edges, leaving a 4″ opening along one edge for turning. Trim diagonally across corners.


5. Turn right side out through opening. Press flat and slip-stitch opening closed to make apron unit. The apron unit should be 21×2912“.


6. Topstitch along outer edge of apron unit and remaining side of each seam (Diagram 3).

7. Turn under bottom edge of apron unit 12“; press. Turn under again 12“; press. Sew through all layers close to first folded edge to hem apron unit.


8. Referring to photo, on top, pin 22″-long piece of green rickrack over hem stitching, folding ends over edges. Using contrasting thread, stitch through center of rickrack.


9. Aligning short edges, fold small green dot 634×14″ rectangle in half, right side inside, to make a 634×7″ rectangle. Sew together raw edges, leaving a 3″ opening along one edge for turning (Diagram 4).


10. Turn right side out through opening. Press flat and slip-stitch opening closed to make a pocket.


11. Referring to photo, on top, pin 7″-long piece of green rickrack 1″ from folded edge of pocket, folding ends over edges. Using contrasting thread, stitch to pocket through center of rickrack.


12. Position pocket on right side of apron unit 714” from bottom edge and 218” from right-hand edge; pin. Topstitch side and bottom edges of pocket to make apron body (Diagram 5).

13. Join ends of cream and green grosgrain ribbon pieces to make a tie strip. Press seam open.


14. Using a water-soluble marking pen, draw a line on right side of apron body 6″ from top edge. Align and center top edge of tie strip with marked line; pin. Topstitch tie to apron body along both edges of ribbon to complete apron (Diagram 6). To wear apron, tie ribbon ends around waist. Fold top of apron lining over ribbon tie strip as shown in photo.


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