Fabulous Key Fobs

key-fobsDesigner: Lori Hellander

Keep your keys on a short leash with colorful monkey’s fist knot fobs made from paracord.


  • 2 yards of paracord in desired color
  • 16-millimeter glass marble
  • 114“-diameter split key ring
  • Embroidery floss in color to match paracord
  • Sewing needle

  1. Following knot-tying instructions, below, make a monkey’s fist knot around the marble using paracord. Leave an 8″-long tail at the beginning and end. Wrap each side of knot three times.
  2. Bring beginning and end tail together, and tie an overhand knot around the key ring about 2″ from the monkey’s fist knot.
  3. Cut the excess paracord from the tails, close to the overhand knot. Using a lighter, carefully melt the ends of the paracord to secure the knot and prevent unraveling.

How to Make a Monkey’s Fist Knot:

1. With tail in palm of hand, wrap rope up and over fingers three times.

2. Tuck working end outside the loops at back of hand, pulling end to palm side through middle fingers as shown.

3. Wrap working end around both back and palm loops two times.


4. On third pass, wrap working end around palm loops only and exit through the center to side with tail.


5. Bring working end through hole below center loops, and wrap up and over loops three times, securing the core. Exit working yarn through the center to side with tail.


6. Insert core (such as a marble or tennis ball) into center of knot. Adjust loops on each side of knot to tighten the knot around the core.





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