Product We Love: String Creations Map

miy-map-1The Bucilla String Creations Map is the perfect project for both beginner and advanced crafters. The best part? It’s completely customizable! Use your favorite materials to create a keepsake perfect for your space.

Materials for Our Project:

  • Bucilla String Creations Stitch Blanks Map
  • Acrylic paint in desired colors (we did an ombre effect with purples)
  • Paint brushes
  • Yarn
  • Pencil

Size: 8″-wide

Assemble the Map:

1. Trace a heart shape on the map with a pencil. (Do it over a state you live in or a region you love!)

2. Paint the bottom third of the map with lightest color purple.

3. Avoiding the heart, paint the middle of the map with a slightly darker color purple. Slightly mix the edge of the colors to blend them together.

4. Using the darkest color purple, repeat step three at the top third of the map.

Tip: Dip a clean paintbrush into water. Lightly dab excess water onto a paper towel and then paint over the edges of each color. This will help the paints to better blend together, making the ombre more gradual.

5. Fill in the drawn heart shape with your desired color paint.

6. Once the paint has completely dried, thread the yarn through a needle and weave in and out of the holes in desired pattern (we did heart outlines). Tie the yarn in a knot to secure at the back, and cut the excess off.
map-3A great option to plot a road trip, document a vacation, or even as a gift to a long-distance friend or relative, the String Creations map gives crafters of all ages room to express creativity through coloring, painting and embroidery. This budget-friendly product costs less than $6 and is a craft the entire family can enjoy!

Get more info on the Bucilla String Creations Stitch Blanks map here.


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