Bedside Storage Caddy

102676012Designer: Alison Gamm

Keep all your bedtime essentials close at hand with a caddy made from a fringed table runner.


  • Fabric table runner with fringe ends (Ours measures 1412×6914” with 2″ fringe on each end.)
  • Matching sewing thread
  • 12″ length of 1″-wide ribbon in coordinating color

Assemble the Caddy:

1. Fold one short edge of table runner up 9″, then fold the edge down to the outside 112“. Topstitch the sides together to make a large pocket.

2. Tuck ribbon under pocket flap 4” from left-hand side and pin in place. To make two pockets, topstitch along each edge of ribbon through all table runner layers, being careful to leave the fringe free of stitching. Extend the topstitching through the layers of the flap until you reach the top folded edge.

3. Sandwich the table runner between the mattress and box spring, leaving the pocket end hanging over the edge.


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