Tips for Using Epoxy Resin

How to Use Epoxy Resin:


1. Gather your basic supplies: epoxy resin, hardener, two plastic measuring cups, and stir sticks.

2. Always work in a well-ventilated area. Pour epoxy resin into a plastic measuring cup.


3. Add an equal amount of hardener on top of the epoxy resin in the same measuring cup.


4. Stir the mixture thoroughly for two minutes, scraping the sides occasionally and being careful to avoid air bubbles by not mixing too vigorously.


5. Pour the mixture into a second, clean measuring cup. Stir the mixture for one minute.

6. Pour epoxy resin mixture into a mond, such as a silicone pan, a jewelry finding, or a bottle. Allow to harden for up to 72 hours to ensure a strong bond.

How to Add Color to Resin:


1. Choose pigments and dyes made for epoxy resin.

2. Partially fill mold with epoxy resin. Pour a small amount of pigment or dye into wet resin.



3. Mix pigment or dye into resin with a crafts stick or toothpick. Fill mold with more resin.

How to Embellish Resin:


1. Partially fill mold with epoxy resin. If desired, add a drop of pigment or dye; stir with toothpick. Add glitter on top.


2. Add larger items, such as sequins, being careful not to get resin on your fingers. If needed, wear rubber gloves.


3. To prevent a heavy object from sinking too far in the resin, let the resin set up for a few minutes before dropping it in. Allow to harden for up to 72 hours.


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