Sleeved Snow Scraper


Designer: Elizabeth Beese

Fend off snow and ice with a scraper outfitted with a sleeve.


  • Ice scraper
  • Sweater sleeve
  • 12“-wide elastic
  • Large safety pin
  • Heavy-duty thread
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks


Assemble the Ice Scraper:

1. Starting at widest end of sleeve, cut a tube at least 12″ long. Turn tube wrong side out.

2. On widest end of sleeve, turn under raw sweater edge 34” twice. Pin in place, then stitch close to bottom edge of fold, leaving a 2″ opening, to make a casing.

3. Secure one end of elastic on a large safety pin and feed through casing. Overlap elastic ends and pin, adjusting length to provide desired amount of fullness. Pull overlapped elastic ends out of casing as far as possible and securely machine-sew together. Redistribute fullness of elastic, then stitch remaining opening of casing.

4. On narrow opening of tube, use heavy thread and a running stitch to sew about 12” from edge. Insert handle end of ice scraper into sleeve and gather tube edge tightly around base of scraper handle. Tie threads tightly and hot-glue in place. Turn sleeve back over handle of ice scraper to conceal the handle, sweater raw edges, and the glue.


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