Flowerpot Fancies

flowerpot-fanciesDesigner: Sheila Sinclair Snyder

Spruce up a potted plant with a colorful wrap made from a salvaged sweater.


  • Sweater (felted or unfelted)
  • Ribbing from coordinating sweater or cording


Assemble the Wrap:

1. Cut two 11″ squares from a sweater, matching any patterns as you choose. If you are not using a felted sweater, when cutting the squares, be sure what will be at the top edge of the finished bag is at the ribbing (bottom hem) of the sweater so this edge does not need to be finished.

2. With right sides together, use 1/2″ seam to sew side and bottom edges, rounding the bottom corners as you sew.

3. To make a tie from cording, weave 35″ of cording through the knit of the sweater about 212” from top of bag; begin and end in center of one side of bag. To make a tie from ribbing, cut a 1×20″ or larger piece of ribbing; hand-sew center of ribbing in place in back center of bag about 212” from top of bag.


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