3-D Gift Wrap

giftsDesigner: Sara Perez

Holiday wrappings as wonderful as the gift itself impress with dimensional accents.


  • 2″-diameter circle punch
  • Cardstock: light gold, medium gold, dark gold
  • Pink wrapping paper or pink box
  • 1″-wide gold satin ribbon
  • Cardstock: ivory
  • Coarse glitter: gold
  • Crafts glue

1. Punch two circles from each color of cardstock. Fold each circle in half.

2. Alternating colors, glue the punched circles back to back to make a half-circle topper.

3. Wrap package in pink wrapping paper, or use a pink box. Cut gold satin ribbon to fit around box, crisscrossing the pieces on the top. Glue half-circle topper at intersection.

4. Cut a 2×334” rectangle from ivory cardstock. Spread a thin layer of glue along one short edge, and sprinkle glitter into the wet glue; let dry. Handwrite names on the tag, and tuck tag under ribbons on the package.


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