Framed Holiday Garland


Designer: Katie Leporte

Express your best wishes for the season on a colorful garland made with felted balls and embroidered pennants.


  • Wool roving: white, cream, mint green, pale pink, red
  • 4″ square of 2″-thick foam rubber
  • 36-gauge felting needle
  • 8×11″-sheet of felt: mint, white, teal
  • #5 perle cotton: black and white
  • Embroidery needle
  • Masking tape
  • 20×28-inch empty picture frame
  • Baker’s twine: red-and-white
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Flat tacks
  • Pennant and triangle patterns

1. Follow the instructions from How to Make a Felted Ball to make a total of 45 to 50 1″-diameter felted balls from assorted colors of wool roving.

2. Trace the pennant pattern, under Materials, onto white paper; cut out. Trace the pattern on mint green, light blue, and white felt; cut out. Draw a cursive letter J on the mint green felt piece, a cursive letter O onto the white felt piece, and a cursive letter Y onto the light blue felt piece.

3. Backstitch the letters using white perle cotton for the J and the Y and black perle cotton
for the O.

4. Trace the triangle pattern, under Materials, onto white paper; cut out. Trace the pattern five times onto teal felt. Draw each of the cursive letters M, E, R, R, and Y onto a triangle. Backstitch the letters using white perle cotton.

5. Determine placement for embroidered felt letters on the garland by taping one end of the baker’s twine to the top left inside corner of the picture frame. Swag the twine back and forth inside the frame as desired, taping the twine to the frame to secure. Using a small piece of masking tape, mark the twine where you wish to hang the letters. Remove the twine from the frame.

6. Thread one end of the twine with the embroidery needle, and string felted balls until you reach the taped area for letters; remove tape. Fold top edge of felt letter over the twine and hot-glue the overlap on the back side. Alternate letters with felt balls if desired. Continue adding more felt balls and the second set of letters where desired. Finish with more felted balls.

7. Use flat tacks to reattach ends of garland to inside of frame.




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