Wrapped Wreath Ornament

Melanie East - CSC_0342[1].jpg

This post is sponsored by Glue Dots®.

Designer: Melanie East

Use fabric scraps to turn a plain wreath ornament into a festive decoration.



Finished ornament: Approximately 3″ square, but size may vary according to the wreath ornament

Time: 15 minutes
Level: Beginner

Assemble the Ornament:

1. Cut fabric scrap to 18” by desired width.

Melanie East - CSC_0339[1].jpg

2. Using the dispenser, apply Craft Glue Dots® around the front and the back of the plain wreath ornament.

Melanie East - CSC_0340[1].jpg

3. Starting at the top and leaving a 1” tail, wrap the fabric around the wreath ornament. The fabric should be secured onto the ornament with the Craft Glue Dots®.

Melanie East - CSC_0341[1].jpg

4. Once finished, secure the beginning and ending fabric tails to the back of the ornament with Craft Glue Dots®.

5. Make a matching bow with remaining scrap fabric. Adhere the bow to the ornament with Craft Glue Dots®.

Visit the Glue Dots website for more project ideas and helpful products that make holiday crafting easy and fun!


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