Festive Wall Decor

fallDesigner: Sarah Zimmerman

You’ll never be at a loss for words with this welcoming display, using yarn-wrapped chipboard letters to spell out a greeting!


  • 834“-tall papier-mâché letters: F, A, L, L
  • Yarn: moss green, oatmeal,
    brown, orange
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Burlap
  • Felt: gold, moss green, brown
  • Tapestry needle
  • Hemp twine
  • Wooden frame with 712×912” opening: orange
  • Leaf and acorn patterns

1. Wrap each papier-mâché letter with a color of yarn as desired, using a hot-glue gun to periodically secure the yarn as you wrap. Cover sides and ends of each letter by working outward from the center in a spiral.

2. Trace the leaf and acorn patterns under “Materials” onto white paper; cut out. Cut three leaves from moss green felt. Cut one leaf and one acorn nut from gold felt. Cut two leaves and one acorn cap from brown felt.

3. Use a running stitch and oatmeal yarn to stitch an outline approximately 14” from the edge of each felt leaf, acorn cap, and acorn nut. Hot-glue each leaf to burlap, spacing the shapes at least 12” apart; let dry. Cut around each leaf, leaving a 14” burlap border around each shape.

4. Hot-glue the acorn cap to the acorn nut, overlapping the pieces slightly.

5. Draw four 2″-diameter circles onto gold felt, leaving 12” between circles. Referring to how to make a felt rose, make four roses. Vary the tightness of the rolls to make bigger or smaller roses.

6. Hot-glue one rose and two leaves to the letter F. Hot-glue the acorn to the opening in the center of the letter A. Hot-glue one leaf and three roses to one L. Wrap hemp twine three times around the remaining letter L and tie the ends into a bow. Glue remaining three leaves below the bow.

7. Remove the backing from each frame and securely cover with burlap. Insert the backing back into the frame. Hot-glue a letter onto the burlap backing of each frame.


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