Gift Guide: Holiday Felt Cuffs

off-the-cuffDesigner: Katie Leporte

These pretty felt cuffs make lovely holiday gifts. Jazz up plain felt strips with modern embroidered scallops or needle-felt an argyle pattern.


  • 8×11″ pieces of felt: gray, aqua, white
  • Water-soluble marking pen
  • Embroidery floss: white and aqua
  • Gold cording
  • Size 5 white perle cotton
  • Two 12“- to 1”-diameter buttons
  • Needle-felting brush mat
  • Needle-felting tool (such as Clover)
  • Size 5 metallic perle cotton: gold
  • Embroidery pattern and Pattern A

Trace embroidery pattern, in the download above, onto white paper; cut out. Cut the following pieces:

Scallop Cuff
From gray felt, cut:
1—214×812” rectangle (front)

From aqua felt, cut:
1—214×812” rectangle (back)

Argyle Cuff
From white felt, cut:
1—214×814” rectangle (front)

From aqua felt, cut:
1—214×814” rectangle (back)
3 of pattern A (found in the materials list above)

Scallop Cuff

1. Using a light box or sunny window, trace embroidery patterns for Scallop Cuff onto front felt rectangle using a water-soluble marking pen.

2. Use three strands of embroidery floss for all stitches. Refer to the pattern to stitch the scallop designs.

3. Place embroidered felt front with matching felt back with wrong sides facing; pin. Use scissors to round the felt corners evenly.

4. Stitch a button along center of the left side of the cuff. Cut 3″ length of gold cording, fold in half, and place ends between the felt layers along the center of the right side of the cuff so the fold creates a loop. Adjust as needed to fit the button.

5. Stitch the pieces together using white perle cotton and a running stitch about 14” inside the felt edges or a blanket stitch, securing the gold cording loop with the stitches.

Argyle Cuff
1. Place the white 214×814” rectangle on the needle-felting brush mat. Lay the three aqua pattern A pieces on the white rectangle. Using the needle-felting tool, poke each diamond shape repeatedly to felt the shapes to the rectangle.

2. Using gold perle cotton and a running stitch, stitch a large × through each diamond to create the argyle pattern.

3. Follow steps 3–5 of Scallop Cuff to finish the cuff.


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