Spooky Spools

creature-featureDesigner: Lisa Storms

Turn spools into ghouls using embroidery floss, cardstock, and punches.


  • Wooden thread spools
  • Embroidery floss: lime green (green monster), black (cat),
    orange (pumpkin), white (mummy and skeleton), turquoise and purple (one-eyed monster)
  • Cardstock: black, white, gold, purple, red, blue
  • Crafts glue
  • Two miniature corks
  • Silver acrylic paint and paintbrush
  • Assorted circle punches
  • Old book page
  1. Using embroidery floss in desired color, hold end of floss against side of wooden spool shaft. Wrap floss around spool, covering the beginning of the floss to secure. Continue wrapping until shaft is completely covered, or if making stripes, change colors and fill in desired areas.

Give Jack his grinning personality by cutting small face shapes from black cardstock. Roll up a small piece cut from a book page, and push it into the hole for a pumpkin stem; tie on green floss for a vine.

one-eyed-monsterONE-EYED MONSTER
Scare up a crazy hairdo with a 12″-length of lime-green embroidery floss tucked into the spool hole. Use circle punches for the eye, and cut the mouth shapes from colored cardstock.

green-monsterGREEN MONSTER
It’s alive! Brush tiny corks with silver paint for this scary guy’s neck bolts. Add punched circles for eyes, and cut the stitches and mouth from colored cardstock.

No bones about it, this tiny skeleton is ready for Fright Night. Add black cardstock facial features, then give her a feminine touch with a purple hair bow cut from cardstock.

This guy may be all wrapped up, but he still has plenty of personality. Crisscross the floss wraps to create an opening for a pair of punched- circle eyes.

black-catBLACK CAT
No bad luck here! Knot and glue a length of white floss for cat whiskers. Punch circles for eyes; then punch them again to get the desired shapes. Add black cardstock- triangle ears.


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