Stamped Wedding Favors


Designed by Sue Banker


Package the wedding party’s keepsakes in a special bag filled with understated charm. A natural linen rectangle, frayed and folded in half, stitches up quickly using jute twine running stitches along the sides.


Materials (for each bag):

  • 6×18″ rectangle of natural linen
  • Light blue jute twine
  • Rubber stamp (such as a monogram or a pair of lovebirds)
  • Black ink
  • Short length of narrow ribbon
  • Small gold rings
  • 20″ length of 38“-wide jute ribbon


1. Fray edges of linen rectangle by gently pulling 10 fabric strands from each long edge (for an approximately ½” frayed edge) and approximately 6 fabric strands from each short edge (for an approximately ¼” frayed edge). Beginning approximately 112” from each short end, gently pull out approximately 25 fabric strands to expose two ¾”-wide bands of vertical strands (Diagram 1).


2. Fold linen rectangle in half, aligning top and side edges. Stitch each side edge with a piece of light blue jute twine and a running stitch. Knot twine ends at top of bag and bottom folded edge (Diagram 2).


3. Stamp desired motif onto bottom right-hand corner of bag front with black ink; let dry. Embellish stamped motif with ribbons, small gold rings, or other embellishments.

4. Weave a length of jute ribbon through vertical strands near top of bag. Tie ends into a bow on front of bag.


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