Patriotic Pinwheels


Spinning pinwheels are a fun party decoration or parade craft for the 4th of July!



  • Two-sided cardstock
  • Ball head straight pin
  • Wood dowel


Assemble the Pinwheel:

1. Cut a 7″ square from two-sided cardstock.

2. Draw two diagonal lines from the corners of the square, putting a dot in the center.


3. Cut along the lines, stopping an inch from the center of the paper. (You will have four triangle shapes connected at the center.)

4. Fold in the right corner of every triangle to the center point.


5. Use the pin to poke holes in each of the folded in corners.IMG_7942edit.jpg

6. Thread the pin through each corner hole and through the middle point of the paper to keep the corners in place.IMG_7943edit.jpg


7. Bend the pin 90 degrees and tape the end of the pin to a wood dowel.


Happy 4th of July! Tag pics of your patriotic crafts on Instagram with #MIYMag so we can see!



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