How to Build a Terrarium


If weeding and constant care of a large outdoor garden seem overwhelming, tend to easy-care plants housed inside a glass jar instead.

Learn to Layer:


A) A foundation of gravel, crystals, or other decorative rock will aid drainage. Mix in a handful of horticultural charcoal to keep the terrarium odor-free.

B) Moisture-loving plants need a good indoor potting soil. If using succulents, choose suitable soil.

C) Top-dress the soil with a layer of moss to help retain moisture and provide an attractive finishing touch.

D) Use dwarf plants that enjoy low light and high humidity. Good choices include Boston fern, strawberry begonia, gold club moss, and aquamarine.


Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 1.31.46 PM.png

Do you have a terrarium? Share pics with us on Instagram with #miymaglife!


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