Let’s Rock Decor


Designer: Katie Leporte 

Even better than the pet rocks of your childhood, this collection of smooth river rocks features upscale organic motifs drawn on the surfaces. Use extra-fine-tip oil-base markers to sketch leaves, flowers, and inspirational words, or let your imagination run free and see what your doodling reveals.


  • Assorted smooth river rocks: dark gray and light gray
  • Extra-fine-tip oil-base markers: white and gold
  • Painter’s tape
  • Acrylic paint


1. Wash river rocks with water; let dry.

2. Using a white oil-base marker and referring to the photograph for inspiration, draw simple organic shapes—such as leaves, geometric patterns, or words—on chosen rocks. Let dry.

3. For stripes, use painter’s tape to mask off a portion of chosen rocks (designer Katie Leporte recommends masking off half of a rock or masking areas to paint stripes). Paint unmasked area with acrylic paint; let dry. If needed, apply a second coat of paint; let dry. Remove painter’s tape and use gold or white oil-base markers to color unpainted areas.


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