By-the-Book Wreath


Designer: Lisa Storms

Give book pages a dramatic redo with frilly, border-punched edges. Folded and stacked strips round it out.


  • Chipboard or recycled cardboard
  • Circle cutter or plates, approximately 8″- and 5″-diameter
  • Old book
  • Border punch (such as Fiskars Apron Lace border punch)
  • Crafts knife and straightedge
  • Low-temp glue gun and glue sticks


1. Prepare wreath base by cutting an 8″-diameter circle from chipboard or recycled cardboard using circle cutter. Cut a 5″-diameter circle from center of 8″ circle. If using plates, lay 8″-diameter plate on the chipboard and trace around it; then lay 5″-diameter plate in center of traced 8″ circle and trace around it. Cut out circles.

2. Tear pages from an old book. Punch along long outside edge of each page using border punch.

3. Trim each book page into a 3″-wide strip along length of the page with punched edge on one long side.

4. With punched edge facing right, roll top edge of strip down approximately 1-1⁄4″. Fold down again, then accordion-fold rest of strip. Do not crease folds. Repeat with all strips.

5. Glue unpunched edge of a strip to outside edge of wreath base. Continue gluing strips to wreath, overlapping strips slightly and working around perimeter of wreath. Once perimeter of wreath is covered, start an overlapping layer, folding a tab over at the bottom of each strip to add fullness. Continue adding strips in this manner until you reach inside opening.

6. At inner opening, glue strip tab to back side of inner opening. Fold strips up to cover base edge.

7. If needed, go back to fill in spots with punched strips for desired fullness.


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