Mother’s Day Photo Gift


Need a fast gift for Mother’s Day? Kids and adults will love making these fun photo frames! Get creative with washi tape and your fave pics for a quick present Mom will treasure!



  • Washi tape in a variety of colors
  • Craft sticks
  • Glue
  • Scissors (we used the Fiskars Duck Edition Scissors, which have non-stitck blades to easily cut tape)



  1. Cover craft sticks with strips of washi tape. Trim the ends with scissors.


2. To make the top photo frame, arrange four covered craft sticks in a square. Glue the sticks in place where they overlap and let dry. Tape or glue a picture to the back for a retro photo display.



3. To make the bottom frame, cut a piece of cardstock big enough to fit the amount of craft sticks you’re using. Glue covered craft sticks to the cardstock and let dry. Attach mini clothespins to the top using glue. Clothespin a picture to the frame for a fun gift.


TIP: Want to make these as cute fridge decor? Simple attach a magnet to the back of the frame!

What are you making with washi tape? Share pics with us on Instagram using #MIYmaglife!


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