Pretty Flower Crafts That Will Never Wilt


Chrysanthemums, the colorful mainstay of fall, grace the center of a burlap runner, in a fall-inspired ombre palette. Pieces of tissue paper punched into scalloped circles are layered and scrunched to shape each flower.

Get the instructions here.


Baker’s twine and buttons combine to form adorable blooms.

Get the instructions here.


Create your own take on distinctive ornamental allium blossoms using dip-dyed cotton swabs and plastic-foam balls to make these shapely purple flower heads.

Get the instructions here.


Replace seeds, water, and sunshine with embroidery floss, perle cotton, and linen to create an embroidery hoop duo featuring lavender stalks and a wispy crop of dandelions.

Get the instructions here.


Perk up the edge of a shelf with a simple crochet-flower garland. Make each lacy flower using cotton yarn in bright colors, then join the flowers to a simple chain-stitched chain.


Carnations are a florist’s staple, and these fabric renditions are just as cheery as their organic counterparts. Each bloom on this necklace consists of imperfect fabric circles that are tightly packed together and glued to a felt backing that’s finished with a chain.


Sweet and simple in lazy daisies and cross-stitches, this felt headband attaches to an elastic headband.

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