Twirly Flower Ring

Finished measurements: approx 3″ diameter


  • Size 3 crochet thread: two colors (base (A) and petals (B))
  • Crystal gemstone brad
  • Blunt-end yarn needle
  • Ring
  • Sewing needle and matching thread


Note: Gauge is not crucial to the success of this project.

*Crochet abbreviations are at the end of instructions.


Flower Base
Ch 50 with A, leaving 15″ of thread at beg. Turn.
Row 1: Sc into back loops of chain; 49 sc. Fasten off and weave in this end, leaving 15″ tail.

Flower Petals
Join new color, leave 4″ tail.
Row 2: Ch 4, dc in same st. *Sk next sc. Dc, ch 1, dc (V-st) in next sc.* *Rep across row—25 V-sts. Turn.
Row 3: Ch 3, 4 dc into first v-st sp (first shell created). *Sc into sp before next v-st, 5 dc into next V-st space.* Rep across row—25 shells. Turn.
Row 4: Ch 1, sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in 3rd st, sc in next 2 sts, sl st into sixth st. Rep on next 5 shells, 6 petals total. Fasten off. Weave in end.


Shape and Finish Flower

At start of Row 4, with edge of petals facing you, begin rolling three petals clockwise to form center of flower. Once center is formed, turn work to view back. Viewing back, keep rolling, making sure base chain sts are as flat and close together as possible. Continue rolling until entire length is included.

Using yarn needle, weave 15″ tail across bottom through ch sts. Be sure to catch all rnds across bottom to secure. To keep bottom of flower flat, avoid pulling sts too tight. Using quarter turns, continue to secure by weaving across bottom. When secure; tie off and trim end.
Take new color tail from Row 2 and pull through center from front to back of work; making space for gemstone. Fasten off. Add gemstone brad by pressing point of brad through center of flower. Open brad on back side of flower to secure.
Attach flower to a ring using small hand stitches and matching thread.

Crochet Abbreviations:

beg    begin(ning)(s)
ch    chain
dc    double crochet
hdc    half double crochet
rnd(s)    round(s)
sc    single crochet
sk    skip
sl st    slip stitch
st(s)    stitch(es)


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