Chew on This!


Make no bones about it—your dog will love this custom braid to chew on and chase after. This no-sew toy is made from soft cotton T-shirts, so it’s a pleasure to play with and easy to wash.



  • Six to eight T-shirts
  • Self-healing cutting mat
  • Clear grid ruler


1. Choose the size for your project: If making the toy for a small dog, use children’s shirts; for a medium dog, use women’s shirts; and for a large dog, use men’s shirts.

2. Lay out each T-shirt on a cutting mat. Cut across the top of the shirt, then cut off the sleeves to make two rectangles. Cut rectangles into 1-1/4” strips.

3. Gather 12 to 15 strips and tie one end in a knot, leaving about 5″ of fringe on the end. Separate strips into three sections and braid, leaving about 5″ unbraided on the end. Tie end into a knot to finish.

Does your dog love homemade toys? Share pics of them playing with it on Instagram with #MIYMagLife!



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