Treat Yo’Self! with a DIY Spa Day


Designer: Wendy Musgrave


Indulge your senses with projects made specially for pampering and rejuvenation.


Spa in a Box

The label on this spa-in-a-box gift set, above, says it all. The box is actually a photo box embellished with paper and gift tag downloads. Get the printables here.




Serenity Now

Gift the gift of relaxation with a pretty presentation inside a box. Pretty jars house homemade salt and sugar scrub treatments, and custom-made bath fizzies are packaged  inside a cellophane bag. Purchased items, such as a candle and a bar of soap, help round out the assortment. Unify the look with labels printed onto sticker paper or cardstock for each item. Download and print the labels here.



Tub Time

No time to get away for a relaxing weekend? Draw a bath, indulge in fragrant homemade bath salts, and light a candle to escape to your own at-home day spa. Print label downloads onto sticker paper and embellish candle and bath salt jars.



 Go Soft

Treat dry, rough skin to a simple yet indulgent scrub. Just mix melted coconut oil, granulated sugar, and almond extract with a bit of food coloring, then fill a jar with your homemade scrub. Print the labels for the entire spa collection onto a single sheet of sticker paper using the downloads here. Each label also includes instructions for using the corresponding mixture, along with an ingredient list.

Get the sugar scrub recipe here.



Here’s the Scoop

Suitable as a foot soak or a whole bath treatment, this invigorating salt soak is easy to customize. Start with Epsom salts, sea salt, and baking soda for the basic mixture, then add your favorite essential oil and food coloring for a custom scent and hue.

Get the salt soak recipe here.



Fizzle Out

Soften and soothe your skin by dropping a fizzy into your bath.

Get the bath fizz recipe here.



Mood Lighting

Download and print pretty labels for a candle and a bar of soap. Print the jar label onto sticker paper and the soap wrapper onto white cardstock.




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