Discover Yourself with Journaling


Sure, journaling may remind you of your 5th grade diary, but journaling as an adult has a lot of positive benefits! Not only does it free your thoughts so you can be more creative, but it teaches you a lot about yourself and the world. Whether you just want to try it as an experiment or are a daily journaling convert, these tips and prompts for journaling will help.


Journaling has many benefits:

  1. Taking time to sit and write about something that is affecting you can lead to a deeper understanding of what you’re actually feeling. When we’re so busy, we tend to overlook our emotions. Journaling can help you take time to think about how you feel about a situation.
  2. Journaling helps get everything out on paper, so your emotions aren’t bottled up. This helps clear your mind and your heart, leaving you free to get creative, explore life, and successfully communicate with others.
  3. Writing down hopes, dreams, and fears on paper can help you discover a lot about yourself. You’ll learn about desires you never knew you had, reoccurring themes in what you’re afraid of, and wishes you have for yourself and others.


Challenge: Try journaling. You may wish to journal for five minutes every morning (hey, we never need an excuse to buy more notebooks!) or do it at the beginning of each month. You can write about what’s happening in your everyday life or try deeper prompts to get you thinking (here’s a list of fantastic journaling prompts).

Download our journaling page that has the prompt of “I’ve always wanted to … “.

Get the journal page here.


Note: This exercise is part of our 30-Day Creative Challenge. Join our challenge today!



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