5 Trendy Ways to Reuse Old T-Shirts

Think T-shirts are just weekend wear? Transform old tees (or new ones in your favorite colors) to create trendy items to wear and use.



Ready to move away from the scarf trend? Update your look with a drapey necklace constructed from rounds of twisted and braided T-shirt yarn.

Get the instructions here.



Toss this oh-so-soft rug anywhere you want to wiggle your toes in comfort. Sew T-shirt strips to a canvas backing; then let the strips flop over each other for a plush effect.

Get the instructions here.



Give a cheer for smashing pom-poms that make great package tie-ons. Use T-shirt yarn rather than traditional yarn to give them extra fluff.

Get the instructions here.



Here’s a way to be thrifty and stylish while showing off one of your coolest T-shirts. Upcycle a portion of your favorite tee for the front panel of this tote, then use some of your least fave tees for the interior and straps.

Get the instructions here.




This playful, strip-pieced T-shirt dress is sure to get the thumbs-up from your favorite little girl.

Get the instructions here.


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