12 Cute Ways to Store Your Ribbons


  1. Small wooden berry boxes are ideal for stashing trim. Cut chipboard to the sizes you need and attach decorative paper using spray adhesive. Wrap your trims around the boards, clip with mini clothespins, and file them in produce boxes tinted with acrylic paint to compliment your decor.



2. Large antique spools are a pretty way to store ribbon. Wrap ribbon or twine around the spools and secure with a pin. Lay them on a desk or store them in a basket.



3. Label file folders with a ribbon color or design. When you have scraps, simply wrap the ribbon around the folder and hold in place with tape.


4. Wrap a foam wreath form with your ribbon scraps. Simply tie the ribbon around the wreath. Sort by color for a visually striking display.


5. Drill two sets of holes through three old books for an interesting way to display your ribbon. Thread ribbon on wooden dowels and push the dowels through the holes. Hangscissors or other crafting essentials on the ends.



6. A plain wooden frame outfitted with bright paint and cafe rods is a good way to hang ribbon. Use wooden dowels cut to size to sort ribbon by color. Hang the frame in your work area using your favorite ribbon.


7. A retro favorite, wooden clothespins are in good form when wrapped with colorful bits of ribbon. Wind the lengths around the clothespins, pin the ends in place, and drop them into a glass jar. Display your colorful cache on a shelf.


8. A basic wooden plank with a few nails creates country ribbon storage. Store ribbon spools on the nails. Leave one nail open for hanging scissors to make cutting easy. Paint the wood to match your decor.


9. Put a pants hanger to work as a ribbon organizer. Make use of each rung by alternating large and small spools of ribbon. Gather scrap pieces of trim and clip them to the top rung using clothespins. Suspend the hanger from a hook or repurposed hardware bracket.


10. A straw dispenser from the dollar store rises to the occasion to hold towers of ribbon spools. Remove the top of the dispenser and slide the spools onto the rod for a satisfying stack of pleasing patterns. Or toss loose ribbon pieces into a shapely apothecary jar for a reach-in  ready display.


11. Next time you take home leftovers, save the containers. Clear plastic holders are perfect for holding small ribbon scraps. Roll scraps around spools and secure with a pin to hold in place.


12. Display ribbon on a desk by sticking wooden dowels in a vase filled with rocks or pebbles. Stack ribbon spools on the dowels. For extra pizzazz and color, tie ribbon pieces into bows on the top of the dowels.


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