10 Photos, 1 Spot


from designer Alison Gamm

A few weeks ago authors Scott Barry Kaufman and Carolyn Gregoire published the book Wired to Create: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Creative Mind. Based on Scott’s groundbreaking research and Carolyn’s popular article in the Huffington Post (read it here), this book shines a light on the practices and habits of creative thinkers. Each chapter explores one of the 10 attributes and habits of highly creative people. It’s a truly fascinating read and we highly suggest it!

One of the attributes we’re really focusing on this year is mindfulness. As creative people, we observe everything. According to the article, “the world is a creative person’s oyster — they see possibilities everywhere and are constantly taking in information that becomes fodder for creative expression.” As creative people, we need to pay attention to what’s around us, be intensely observant, and try our hardest to see everyday life and ordinary objects in new and exciting ways.

This is where this challenge comes in. We challenge you to see your everyday life in a new way. Try standing in one spot and taking 10 pictures. What colors do you see? What designs emerge? What beauty do you see in something you’ve seen a million times? What do these images capture about your life?

Our designer Alison is sharing her photos she took in her office above! Share your own images on Instagram with #MIYCraftFit so we can see!

Note: This exercise is part of our 30-Day Creative Challenge. Join our challenge today!


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