Creative Word of the Year


Every year, our staff chooses a word of the year. It’s something that can remind us of our goals, guide our actions and choices, and motivate us to achieve our dreams. Choosing a creative word of the year can help provide clarity for all your big crafting goals and narrow them down into a single focus. So even when life overwhelms or you feel like you’re not making enough progress, you can center on your word and feel confident that you’re making time for your creative self.


What’s your creative word of the year? Share it in the comments below!



Our word: EXPLORE

What it means to us: Exploration can take on many forms. You can explore your creativity, explore your senses, explore new techniques. Through exploration, you might find new tools and tips to become better at your craft, question the ways that you do things, and even realize your true potential! We hope our year is full of new discoveries, roads less taken, and meeting lots of new people and places.




Here are other words of the year we love:

Fearless, Simplify, Patience, Focus, Happy, Balance, Growth, Discover, Confidence


Express your word:

We’ve found that it’s really helpful to have a visual representation of your word of the year (no surprise as crafters that we like to make it ourselves!). We encourage you to craft your word of the year and display it where you’ll see it daily. It’s a great reminder of your focus for the year.

We designed desktop wallpapers with our word of the year, so we can see it every time we log into our computers or use our phones.

Download this wallpaper for your computer here.

Download this wallpaper for your tablet here.

Download this wallpaper for your phone here.




Note: This exercise is part of our 30-Day Creative Challenge. Join our challenge today!



5 thoughts on “Creative Word of the Year

  1. Teresa Duncan says:

    My creative word this year is going to be FOCUS. FOCUS on getting my studio organized and functional for me. FOCUS on getting all unfinished projects done. FOCUS on getting ahead of the craft show season. FOCUS on trying new things. FOCUS on it all being FUN!


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