5 Drink Identifiers for Your New Year’s Eve Bash

Make this New Year’s Eve celebration one to brag about! Create cool drink identifiers for your guests. They’ll dress up simple glasses, cut down on dishes, and add color and sparkle to your champagne toast at midnight!


EDIT_MG_71371. Print our banner pattern onto patterned cardstock or trace onto paper. Cut out and fold in half. Wrap the banner around a drink stirrer, straw, or wooden dowel and glue in place. Assign guests a specific color or have them write their names on the banners.

Print the paper banner pattern here.


2. Paint 1/2″-diameter wooden beads with predrilled holes; let dry. Cut lengths of 22 mm cooper wire to 2.5″. Add one bead to each wire length and wrap it around the stem of the glass. These are reusable, so don’t forget to collect them at the end of the night!


3. Print our banner pattern and trace onto felt. Add embroidery stitches using metallic thread. (We did a running stitch, French knots, and cross-stitches.) Fold the straight short side under approximately 1/2″. Glue the very end of the folded side to the back to form a loop.  Thread a length of metallic cording through the loop and wrap around the glass as many times as desired. Tie in a knot to hold in place.

Print the felt banner pattern here.


4. Print these New Year’s-theme drink tags. They’re the perfect celebratory touch to your champagne toast!

Print the drink tags here.



5. Have guests write their names on washi tape and adhere to their glasses. Or wrap the stem of the glass with washi tape stripes for a fun identifier!


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